Hang it Here: Garden Noir

This gorgeous space via Domaine Home speaks for itself in being pretty much perfect. But... were one a wallpaper addict such as ourselves, we think Garden Noir would add some gorgeous texture while still in keeping with the sultry gray wall vibe.

1 Candle, 2 Ways

We're launching new campaign very soon which requires a photo of wallpaper. Luckily both the photo and styling don't need to be all the pro, so I jumped on the chance to contribute in an effort to become employee of the year around here.

The truth is that candle is on it's last wick and never really smelled that amazing to begin. But I think it sure looks pretty in photographs (obviously).

In more important things to discuss... #howIhygge. Get ready for it. Details next week!

Pineapples x Wrecking Ball Coffee

Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters just opened up on Union Street in SF, and their wallpaper happens to be as delectable as their coffee - so tasty!

The space is truly lovely. Mostly white and black with a pop of Pineapples!

It is a high tech operation.

They've also started the #pineappleselfie movement :)

Finally a selfie we can get behind!

Am working up the nerve to go in for my own this week... Will keep you posted.




To try to win over my friend Kate's cute girls, I brought them a couple Daydream wallpaper tiles and we got down to some serious crafting!

Turns out if you cut out the clouds and birds, they become kind of like wall decals.

Not saying we're geniuses or anything... but this is a pretty genius way to add some fun to a decent sized wall with just a couple removable wallpaper tiles. Scarlett thought so too! :)