SF Sweet Spot

There's a place on Union Street where you can see our Petal Pusher wallpaper while leaving e Salon and look over at our Pineapple wallpaper at Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters. Is it my idea of heaven? Well, it's very close :)

Nothing quite like a pattern siting through a window.

Isn't this salon gorgeous? I'm considering switching my hair guy...

Oh, hello Pineapples!!

Maison Bastille

We consider ourselves really lucky to have customers all over the world. Whenever an order comes in from a particularly interesting or beloved place, we joke with each other about needing to go and see the installation in person. It's just one of those things that we do...

Well, this Christmas I may be able to do just that. I'm spending the holidays in Europe with my family, and I am dying to visit this adorable Parisian food shop, Maison Bastille. They've got our Rosa (Yellow) up, and it looks beautiful.

The food looks pretty amazing, too - can't wait! (Photos via je suis insolente and Maison Bastille)

Wallpaper + 3: Andanza (Green)

We spent our first weekend at our new cabin and I'm itching to get it all decorated! I also promised the hubs to adhere to a strict budget, but in a budgetless world here's what I'd do with the downstairs guest room...


1. I've been obsessed with this chair forever - and finally have a place to put it! 2. Can you have too many IKEA sheepskins? I think we both know the answer to that question. 3. Loving the clean lines of this bed, and navy + green is one of my favorite color combos.

Deuce Cities Henhouse How To

We're excited to share another really fantastic blog with a super detailed, super informative post on how to hang wallpaper. Allison (or Scoops - love that nickname), chose Rifle Peonies in Copper for a bedroom accent wall and it turned out fabulously.

She does a really great job of outlining all the steps and tricks involved in hanging your own wallpaper. There are also some really helpful images on stuff like how to match up the repeat before cutting the wallpaper into strips (important!) and how to actually position the paper on the wall. We highly recommend reading this post if you're thinking of hanging your own wallpaper. We tell people this all the time - you can TOTALLY DO THIS. But being prepared definitely helps the process go a lot more easily!

Thanks, Allison!

Emily Henderson's LA Studio Tour

Did you see Emily Henderson's lovely new LA studio space on Domaine Home yesterday? For the record, I want those curtains in my life so badly.

We were so excited she selected some of our wallpaper to help fill the space with inspiring patterns! We spy Rosa (Persimmon), Pineapple (Sorbet), Pineapple (Yellow) and Diamante (Red) in amongst other fabulous wallpaper and fabric companies.

Just. LOVE. Thank you, Emily!!