An Ode to Rosa (Indigo)

We couldn't be more excited to see our Rosa (Indigo) in the new issue of Country Living Magazine! Their House of the Year was designed by the ultra talented Tilton Fenwick who ever so nicely chose to include our Rifle Paper Co. wallpaper in this gorgeous bathroom.

It was quite a nice ride to stardom which started when we debuted it at the Architectural Digest trade show in March.

And then Rifle Paper Co. displayed it in there booth at the National Stationary Show.

At some point during this time, we took it for a photo shoot!

In which it held it's own to say the least, especially compared to that blanket which was quite tricky to fold.

And then one day, you're on the bus catching up on your home decor mag reading and what do you know. There's Rosa (Indigo) beaming back at you. In sum, we LOVE this wallpaper!

Feeling Like...Going Somewhere!

Or, more specifically, going to Paris and Barcelona - which we just decided to do over Christmas! I can't wait. In the meantime, I'm planning what we'll see, where we'll eat and how we'll keep the boys entertained. And what would planning be without a little shopping? Here's my list of must haves...

1. Rimowa roller bag | 2. Sony point & shoot | 3. Isabel Marant scarf | 4. Stuart Weitzman 5050s | 5. Jerome Dreyfuss backpack


We've been instagramming machines lately, so thought we'd share a few here. So, this is the bathroom of a very famous, and our now very favorite, ex-SNL actor. She's the best! Follow us on Instagram so you can find out who! :)

My wallpapered shelves!

Aimee's wallpaper shelves. If you're noticing a trend, yes, we both LOVE Queen Anne wallpaper.

Daydream bathroom. Yes!

Rolls of Rifle Paper Co. The colors make me high (like a sunshine filled, natural high...)!

Let's take a wallpaper break for just a sec... These wooden cake slices also fill me with joy!

My heart also beats fast for our Andanza! Okay, seriously, you should follow us - it'll be fun!