H&W in Gray Magazine

We're drooling over these rooms in the new issue of Gray Magazine.


The rooms were designed by Lynne Parker, and well, we think she has the best taste ever in wallpaper, of course! Everything's so pretty and gives off such a happy vibe.

Happy Mood Boards

We're so happy to have wallpaper included in these adorable rounds up in the new issue of Adore Magazine!

Our Safari (Taupe) with yellows and browns. Cute! And I want that rug for myself.

Petal Pusher (Gold) with soft pinks - so pretty!

We also love this idea board with our Nethercote (Blue) wallpaper in the new issue of Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine. Can't go wrong with a red and blue color combo!


Little Green Magic

Some days are better than others, but any day we get to see a room as lovely as this which includes are wallpaper is the best kind of day! Jenny Komenda at Little Green Notebook, created this magical playroom for her girls and we truly love everything about it.

The wallpaper we, of course, adore. And, the happy yellow curtains are like panels of Vitamin D - sunshine for the soul!

The rug, the pillow mix, the shelves... What a joy-filled room!

An Ode to Rosa (Indigo)

We couldn't be more excited to see our Rosa (Indigo) in the new issue of Country Living Magazine! Their House of the Year was designed by the ultra talented Tilton Fenwick who ever so nicely chose to include our Rifle Paper Co. wallpaper in this gorgeous bathroom.

It was quite a nice ride to stardom which started when we debuted it at the Architectural Digest trade show in March.

And then Rifle Paper Co. displayed it in there booth at the National Stationary Show.

At some point during this time, we took it for a photo shoot!

In which it held it's own to say the least, especially compared to that blanket which was quite tricky to fold.

And then one day, you're on the bus catching up on your home decor mag reading and what do you know. There's Rosa (Indigo) beaming back at you. In sum, we LOVE this wallpaper!