RPC for H&W in NYT

One glorious paper trifecta! This NYT feature was the cherry on our launch day sundae - Thank you, Lori!

Yeah, it looks good in print too :)

Here are is the Pineapple Ebony of which we spoke. It is soooo good, I am telling you. It will not disappoint.

And some behind the scenes action of two of our NYT stars!

Almost Here...

Just finishing up putting the final touches on our new web design in preparation for tomorrow's launch of our Rifle Paper Co. collection!

Feeling Like... Setting Sail

I'm very much in the mood for being on the water today (rather than cleaning my kitchen, filling nail holes in and cutting wallpaper samples...). But, since that's not happening, I can still pretend with my a nautical inspired round-up based on our Knots wallpaper.

1. Striped Bikini | 2. Boaty Birkenstocks | 3. Knot Bottle Opener | 4. Coat Hook | 5. Lucite Trunk | 6. Brass Sailboat


Happy Memorial Day!

Hygge Acres

It finally warmed up enough here in MN to plant our garden. I've been doing this for the past 4 years, and it would be safe to say that I've completely caught the gardening bug. Can't wait to enjoy freshly picked, garden grown veggies!

Wallpaper + 3: Canasta in Black

I've been thinking about redoing by entry way lately in black and white. To this end, our Canasta wallpaper feels like the way to go. It adds interest but still feels calm, which might be a nice contrast to the rest of my apartment :) I'll keep my trusty coat hooks and add in a striped rug and ornate mirror (not that mirror exactly, but something similar and more realistically priced).

1. Rug | 2. Mirror | 3. Coat Hooks

A Few Sneak Peeks

Do you follow us on instagram? You should, in my opinion, if only because we've been sharing a few sneak peeks of our new Rifle Paper Co. collection recently. And... oh for real they look pretty!!

I spy pineapples!

May 19th. Getting excited!

Mother's Day

Just found this adorable card our designer, Ola, made a couple years ago. You can download it here, if you'd like! Which reminds me also to mention that wallpaper sure does make a great gift :)