To try to win over my friend Kate's cute girls, I brought them a couple Daydream wallpaper tiles and we got down to some serious crafting!

Turns out if you cut out the clouds and birds, they become kind of like wall decals.

Not saying we're geniuses or anything... but this is a pretty genius way to add some fun to a decent sized wall with just a couple removable wallpaper tiles. Scarlett thought so too! :)

H&W in Gray Magazine

We're drooling over these rooms in the new issue of Gray Magazine.


The rooms were designed by Lynne Parker, and well, we think she has the best taste ever in wallpaper, of course! Everything's so pretty and gives off such a happy vibe.

Happy Mood Boards

We're so happy to have wallpaper included in these adorable rounds up in the new issue of Adore Magazine!

Our Safari (Taupe) with yellows and browns. Cute! And I want that rug for myself.

Petal Pusher (Gold) with soft pinks - so pretty!

We also love this idea board with our Nethercote (Blue) wallpaper in the new issue of Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine. Can't go wrong with a red and blue color combo!