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Kitchen of our Daydreams

June 08, 2016

In a nutshell, we love everything about this! Design by AHA Interiors. Seriously, that floor, the finishes, and of course, the wallpaper - all so good!

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ICFF: During

June 06, 2016

During ICFF the fabulous and fun, Julia Rothman stopped by to sit on her Daydream sofa...

And we also swung by a pattern party to catch up with another of our lovely designers, Emily Isabella. She's the cutest!

The Heath folks hung out with us too and even helped make swag bags. Go team!

Tilton Fenwick stopped by too to chat about our future collab, what what? BTW, these ladies are basically our BFF east coast soulmates - they are the coolest, no joke!

Rifle Paper Co was in house as well, and it was so wonderful to finally meet Anna in person!

And then we instagrammed a bunch, like we do...


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ICFF: Before

June 03, 2016

Just a few photos from behind the scenes of our recent ICFF experience. We, for some odd reason, rented a van and drove from Minneapolis to NYC with all our stuff. This actually turned out to be not as terrible as anticipated. Thank you, podcasts!

We did however show up a day late accidentally (because it's hard to read the differnce between Thursday and Friday sometimes) and met Larry and his wonderful crew at Van Go Inc. who did an incredible job installing our wallpaper!

They even offered to wallpaper our canvases which, as a side note, is tricky.

And then spent the afternoon setting up till it looked like this...

Oh yes, and we unpacked our new biz cards which was quite exciting!

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Wallpaper Two Ways with Faith Blakeney

June 02, 2016

Home is so much more than the roof over your head, and if anyone truly understands that sentiment, it's Faith Blakeney. A self-described 'interior alchemist,' Faith has made a living - and a life - out of transforming houses into homes and creating places that reflect who her clients are and who they want to be. Her magical, bohemian, free-spirited style oozes from every interior she creates, and a healthy dose of color and pattern comes standard.

When brainstorming whose creative juices to tap into for the next Wallpaper Two Ways, we immediately thought of Faith. With her expert eye for pattern and her 'what rules?' mentality, we knew her styling choices would be major... and Faith did NOT disappoint (um, hello, velvet swivel chair!). 


Hygge & West: What paper did you choose and why?

Faith Blakeney: I chose Aja Khaki because in my designs I adore bringing the outdoors inside, and this particular design and color feel like the perfect backdrop for a playful, yet refined, spirited space. Not to mention this is one of my sister's designs, and, well, let’s just say I like her style ;-)

H&W: Who is the person (or people) you imagine residing in each of these two spaces?

FB: For 'Desert Oasis,' I see this client as being classy, glamorous, and also fun and playful. She loves to entertain, travels a lot, and while she lives in the city, she wants her home to evoke the feeling that she is on vacation in an exotic place - every day!

For ‘The Treehouse,’ I see this client as being adventurous, organic, and connected to nature. She drinks mint tea in the mornings and wakes up early for yoga before heading to work. Her space is a refuge, a haven, a sacred space to relax and recharge.

Cosmic Desert (Gold)

H&W: You describe yourself as an 'Interior Alchemist' - tell us a little bit about that title and describe your aesthetic.

FB: When I think about my work, I don’t think of myself as an interior designer or decorator. To me, this job is not about furnishing, or accessorizing - it is about transforming a house into a home. This means balancing style and functionality and channeling my clients' taste and vibe to create a space that has life and spirit. What lights me up about what I do is the idea of being able to transform lives by transforming space. The definition of alchemist is “a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination." So, I see my work applying this principle to spaces - magically transforming a house into a home.

My aesthetic is very tied to this idea of magic and spirit. The inspirations for my designs are vast and my style varies with each project but one thing remains same - this idea of creating incredibly livable spaces that have spirit, and evoke a feeling of genuine well being.

H&W: Pattern plays a big role in your designs, as does side-stepping conventions. What are some of your favorite pattern rules to break?

FB: To be honest, I don’t even know any pattern rules - I guess I was absent for that lesson at school ;-) So, that said, I probably break all of them!


Aja (Teal)

Cosmic Desert (Ebony)

H&W: We love that you've used H&W wallpapers in some of the spaces you've designed. What led you to those particular patterns and colorways, and how did they factor into the overall design of each room?

FB: I love so many of the wallpapers that H&W creates, and, I must say, my sis’ are my absolute fave (surely because our styles very much overlap). For the spaces I’ve designed, I’ve used Cosmic Desert and Aja. I love wallpapers that truly create an atmosphere - that transport you - and I feel both of these designs do just that.

H&W: 'Hygge' is the Danish concept of coziness, which can be achieved through both tangible objects and places as well as intangible feelings and atmospheres. How do you find or create hygge in your world?

FB: I love the concept of ‘hygge’. I remember traveling to Denmark for the first time and peering into all the windows on a walk in the evening. All of the homes seem to have this warm glow and this incredibly inviting feel. Creating cozy spaces is an essential part of my work. I like to consider all of the senses when I am designing, so to create a cozy environment I use everything from soft, luxurious fabrics to candles and essential oils. When I think of cozy spaces I think of a bedouin tent, a treehouse, or a boat - all of these spaces inspire me in my designs.


Desert Oasis: 1. Cacti | 2. Bar cart | 3. Stool | 4. Chair

The Treehouse: 1. Chandelier | 2. Mirror | 3. End table | 4. Chair

Images by Isabelle Fournet

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Proud Auntie

May 27, 2016

Yikes, we've been so busy lately with ICFF and a new collection launch that we've been neglecting a few things including our blog. Just wanted to share a couple pictures my sister in law snapped of my little nephew David learning how to install our removable wallpaper tiles. I couldn't be more proud.

Lots of things to share next week including an ICFF round up and sneak peek out our collaboration with Heath Ceramics. In the meantime, have a very happy and safe Memorial Day weekend!

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The Jungalow on My Domaine

May 10, 2016

Loved seeing Justina Blakeney's studio (and a lot of our wallpaper) on My Domaine today!

See the full feature here!

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Happy Mother's Day

May 08, 2016

Go here!

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