Outtakes and Things

Yikes, we had a couple crazy weeks. Maybe it wasn't the world's best idea to schedule photo shoot days right before the holidays? But... we did. Here's a few outtakes from new things to come early 2015. New Daydreams!

We're bringing back Underwater World. And in new colorways too!

We also managed to schedule the shoot during the worst storm to hit SF in years. Less than ideal conditions, but was fun in its own special way.

The best thing about photo shoots is the leftover flowers and winding down with a well-deserved cocktail :)

Hang it Here: Daydream Tiles

Well, we should say hang THEM here, since this post is featuring our new Daydream Tiles (Black & White). I am loving this design - so clean, graphic and modern. And I thought it would look fantastic in this space as a backdrop for all that great art.

In the Neighborhood

A friend sent me an article from the local paper about a really lovely house in our neighborhood that has our Daydream Sunshine in their laundry room. See the whole house here - they also have an awesome custom piece of art by one of our designers, Terrence Payne.

And then the next day, I was going through old magazines and discovered this shot of our Nethercote wallpaper in another home right near where we live. This one is also worth taking a look at... It's a super hygge neighborhood apparently!

Daydreaming in Boston

We were really excited to be featured in the Boston Globe last month. You can read the article here if you are so inclined. We work with the lovely folks at Twelve Chairs, so if you're in the area you should most definitely stop in, say hi and of course buy some wallpaper :) (And, yes, I've been Daydreaming about some Fornasetti plates. Thanks for the reminder, Farfetch.)

And the newspaper version, woot!