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Posted on June 24, 2014 by Christiana

We've been instagramming machines lately, so thought we'd share a few here. So, this is the bathroom of a very famous, and our now very favorite, ex-SNL actor. She's the best! Follow us on Instagram so you can find out who! :)

My wallpapered shelves!

Aimee's wallpaper shelves. If you're noticing a trend, yes, we both LOVE Queen Anne wallpaper.

Daydream bathroom. Yes!

Rolls of Rifle Paper Co. The colors make me high (like a sunshine filled, natural high...)!

Let's take a wallpaper break for just a sec... These wooden cake slices also fill me with joy!

My heart also beats fast for our Andanza! Okay, seriously, you should follow us - it'll be fun!

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