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Posted on March 20, 2015 by Aimee


One of the things that we love about our removable wallpaper tiles is that they are really versatile - even just a single tile can add a lot of impact.

Last time Christiana was here, she spruced up our staircase using our Raindrops (Blue/Gray) tiles and we just love how it turned out. As you can see in this photo, we also have a cute little arched door on the steps. It's really quirky and architectural and is one of the first things we fell in love with when we saw the house.

So, I started thinking that our little door could use some love as well. It was super easy and quick - I just measured the panels that I wanted to cover, cut up a tile, and...

Voila! Now our entire stairway has some wallpapered flair to it! It looks so great, I'm considering doing the entire wall behind the stairs just to finish it off...

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