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Wallpapered Memories: 1970

Posted on May 21, 2015 by Christiana

Wallpapered Memories: 1970

I recently stumbled across this family photo of my mom, uncle and grandparents taken at her home in Yorkshire, England. The wallpaper (of course) caught my eye, which made we wonder if she had any memories about it. [It's my working hypothesis that wallpaper make memories more vivid which I'm going to set out to prove... starting now! :)] Here's what she said when I asked her: "Yes I certainly remember this room and the distinctive wallpaper. Uncle David and I used to do our homework at this dining room table. One evening things went rather awry. David and I were of course, back then, using pens and ink bottles! And somehow we got entangled with the ink and passing things between us, such that the bottle of ink without its cap fell or slipped against this lovely wall paper of which our parents were so proud! Somehow they were able to repair the situation. But I can still see those rivulets of blue ink running down the wall!" I can only imagine the scene...

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