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How May We Serve You?

Posted on June 18, 2015 by Christiana

How May We Serve You?

On a wallpapered tray! So, I found an old serving tray and thought it could use some refreshing, Peonies wallpaper style. I gathered my supplies, thinking I'd paint it gold and use a scrap of Persimmon on the inside. But then, the gold paint I had didn't really look so good. So I took a breather, regrouped and...

How May We Serve You?

Slapped some paste on to the back of the Peonies (Yellow) instead, which I thought would look great with the black tray (and because I was trapped waiting for UPS so unable and/or too lazy to go get more paint). I considered taking some step by step photos, but it's really just so easy and I question whether I'm actually detail oriented enough to provide precise instructions :) Basically, you just cut a scrap of wallpaper that's a couple inches larger than the inside of the tray, paste the back, smooth it down and trim with a craft knife.

How May We Serve You?

And the most important step, of course, it to load it up with your favorite cocktail mixins' - more on that tomorrow!

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