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Wallpapered Memories: 1975

Posted on July 10, 2015 by Aimee

Wallpapered Memories: 1975

This is me in my very wallpapered nursery, circa 1975. My mom and my Grandpa Ed wallpapered it together before I arrived - one of my Grandpa's many talents was wallpapering. Allegedly I refused to nap when I was young, which anyone who knew me in college will find incredibly hard to believe. When my mom would try to put me down, and I'd just stand there with this "I'm not napping" smirk on my face... My mom always did such a good job of making our home beautiful when my sister and I were growing up. Now that I have kids and a house of my own, I really appreciate all of the things that she did, like wallpapering this nursery. We probably didn't notice or thank her at the time, but her creativity and interior design talents were a huge influence on my career path. So, thanks, mom, and sorry that I wouldn't nap.

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