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Feeling Like... Midnight Blue

Posted on August 13, 2015 by Christiana

Feeling Like... Midnight Blue

Ever since we launched our Foret (Midnight) wallpaper, I've been in such a mood for moody blues. So, I put together a round up of some favorites along with some glittery cooper for good measure.

1. Tom Dixon Pendant | 2. Blue Velvet Sofa | 3. Pyrite Throw Pillow | 4. Kartell Lamp | 5. Luxe iPhone Case | 6. The Most Amazing Ring. Ever.** | 7. Navy Pumps | 8. Copper Magic Wand**

*It's rumored that if we ever hit a MAJOR milestone at our company, we'll get bonus rings. So, if you ever see me wearing this, you'll know I'm days away from early retirement ;)

** Foret wallpaper really feels magical to me, which is why I included a magical wand. Not because I'm 12 years old.

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