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Posted on August 31, 2015 by Christiana

We had a big week hanging out at Aimee's cabin, sewing things and swimming in the lake with Winter. It was our first annual #sewlapalooza company retreat, and we'll definitely be doing it again.

I started things off small, with a quilted sleeping mask in Foret (Charcoal)!

I've never quilted before, so all in all this could have turned out much worse.

It's pretty no?

And, we used more of the fabric to recover our friend's chair. One thing for sure is that staple gunning is more satisfying and much easier than sewing. Note to self.

Aimee reupholstered this headboard in the guest room (or my room, as I like to call it). More on this later. But, spoiler alert. It turned out amazing and was really easy! Who knew? We did not.

This is pretty much how I will hygge now all the time. [Our printer made us these T-shirts - so sweet of them!]

Sewing retreat break with Winter!

Winter basically swims herself senseless so we encouraged her to take floaty breaks too. She quickly understood the pleasure of floating in the water without having to exercise. For me, it's the only way to go :)

Our team inflatable swan made a break for it, but we managed to find it on down the lake. I fear I might not be seeing her again due to her propensity to float away (and after seeing how Aimee's boys use it as a slide...).

We also thought it would be funny to dress like twins and not say anything when our friend arrived to see how she'd react. It was. To us, anyway. Sorry, Karin! Already looking forward to Sewlapalooza 2016!


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