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Pattern Players: Rachel Eden of Eden & Eden

Pattern Players: Rachel Eden of Eden & Eden

The Hygge & West team is constantly on the lookout for collaborators to help us create new and exciting patterns - someone with unmistakeable style, impeccable taste, and a finger on the pulse of our fellow design lovers. For one of our latest collabs, we didn't have to look very far! Rachel Eden is the owner of Eden & Eden, one of our absolute favorite shops right here in San Francisco. Her store houses everything from bomber jackets made in Amsterdam to wooden necklaces from Tanzania, Def Leppard tees to knitted teapot cozies, and everything in between. But what seems like a random assortment of goods actually shares a single common thread: everything is of the highest quality, uniquely designed, and made for those of us who long to fill our lives and our homes with objects we adore. What's not to love about an ethos like that?

Pattern Players: Rachel Eden of Eden & Eden

H&W: You own one of San Francisco's coolest and most perfectly curated shops, Eden & Eden, so we have to know: what are some of your best shopping secrets or insights?

RE: Thank you! Basically, we try to source goods as close to the originator/designer as possible. I think we all feel a bit overwhelmed with stuff so we want our shop selection to be meaningful and relevant.

Pattern Players: Rachel Eden of Eden & Eden
H&W: How would you describe your design aesthetic at home and in your shop? Has your English background influenced it at all?

RE: 'Curated Clobber' is how we describe what we do on our website- unpretentious yet considered - and hopefully a bit cheeky! Totally influenced by my English background - hence the word 'clobber.' (H&W note: 'clobber' is British slang for someone's personal items, such as clothing.)

Pattern Players: Rachel Eden of Eden & Eden

H&W:Sometimes a person's design aesthetic and personal style go hand-in-hand, while other times, they couldn't be more different. Which is it for you?

RE: Definitely hand in hand - high and low all the way. All new feels too proper for me whether at home or to wear.

H&W: We love how you don't shy away from mixing time periods with the goods you sell at Eden & Eden. What are your tips for making vintage and new work together so well?

RE:Keep an eye on the balance - not too showroom-y or too much olde worlde. A healthy dose of relevant vintage and clean modern lines will work nicely.

Pattern Players: Rachel Eden of Eden & Eden

H&W: We just launched our first boutique collaboration with Eden & Eden, which includes Tudors and Trees. What inspired these patterns and how do you envision each of them being used?

RE: Ive had my eye on the Tudors design for a few years now (Gabbi Colville, the creator, worked at the shop while she was at art school) and I still love it, so when asked to select patterns for wallpaper it was easy peasy! One of my favorite department stores in London is Liberty and the Tudors print brings back lovely memories of afternoon tea, champagne, and shopping there.

Trees is soooooo perfectly seventies and the three colorways each have their own distinctly groovy feel. You really couldnt go wrong with anyone of them.

Pattern Players: Rachel Eden of Eden & Eden

H&W: You used Forest Floor (Ebony) in one of your LA interiors projects and to our (totally unbiased) eyes, it looks amazing. What drew you to that specific pattern and colorway?

RE: We had used Forest Floor in our shop and it works so beautifully as the light changes. The LA project was a large bedroom with one wall of windows. By using the black/gold colorway on one wall, the space was immediately made more intimate and the client loves how the wall of light reflects in the pattern.

H&W: If you could plan your perfect San Francisco day, what would it look like (shops, restaurants, parks, museums... anything!)?

RE: I dont get too much chance to venture out of my neighborhood but I really dont need to ;) Cottogna, Zoetrope, Kells, Legion, Isabel Marant, and who knows what youre going to find in Chinatown. But best of all, I have a lovely friend who is a member at the Battery and I get to tag along (frequently!)

Pattern Players: Rachel Eden of Eden & Eden

H&W: The word 'hygge' loosely translates to 'cozy' in Danish and is a big part of our design philosophy. What are some of your favorite hygge memories, people, or places, or ways to experience hygge in your day-to-day life?

RE: Hygge is so perfectly sweet - the small touches in life - rambles in the country with the best people, a cozy pub (that always seems to work!), breakfast at Reveille - coffee, and the tastiest biscuit, butter, and jam. Im also a big fan of small living spaces - functional yet full of warmth and charm - very hygge!

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