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Hygge (hue-guh) is Danish for cozy

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Triangles at Makeshift Society

We installed our Triangles in Charcoal and Gold designed by Lisa Congdon at the Makeshift Society on Saturday.

First, I'll note that was already such a lovely, happy, inviting space. But, we cranked it up an extra notch by adding wallpaper to this wall.


Here's the first strip. After pasting the back, I booked it and let the paste absorb in for about 7 or so mins. This helps with any paper stretching and makes the hanging go lots better. So, it is an important step.

First two strips up!
And then, I ran into a slight problem when I noticed that the wall was quite bumpy in the next section. I should definitely have checked the whole wall first. Live and learn. So, I walked over to a hardware store nearby and bought some spackle and sandpaper, applied the spackle...

and then let dry. Rather than watching spackle dry, I decided to take a break and enjoy the amazing sunshine in the city, so I biked over to Chrissy Field and met some friends for a picnic. It was almost like fate that the wall was messed up a tad, so I could enjoy the sun guilt free. Which I did.


Back, sanded and half way there.

And then, I forgot to take pictures of the rest... but, here's a trick I'll share with you. If you do happen to make any errors that cause the wallpaper to say rip just a tad, or you mess up trimming an edge, you can hide all your mistakes with watercolor colored pencils. I mean I'll never tell if I happened to make some mistakes and you'll never find them if I did... Watercolor colored pencils are the way!


Triangles. Done. We're probably biased and what not, but we think they look fabulous!

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