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Painters Tape Trick


I'd heard there was a way to temporarily hang wallpaper so wanted to give it a try on this wall.


I chose Merci Brooklyn Tins 01 because it has a repeat that I thought wouldn't look weird if I just hung one strip. And then, just pulled together a few supplies: double stick tape, painters tape, ruler, level, pencil and scissors.


I measured to place the wallpaper strip in the center of the wall and then drew straight lines to outline where I could hang it.


Next, I put painters tape around up to the edge of the pencil outline. I also put painters tape horizontally about a foot apart. I put an extra row at the top just to make sure the top would stay secure. I used painters tape first because when that is removed it should come off quite easily and not pull off any paint or damage the wall. You could easily use this technique for hanging more than one strip. I just happen to be running out of unwallpaper walls :)


Then, I put a strip of double stick tape over the painters tape.


I matched up the strip to the tape and smoothed it down starting from the top.



Shoot, now I really need to touch up paint my closet door...

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