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Bedding + 3: For a Playful and Dreamy Bedroom in NYC

Posted on August 01, 2018 by Christiana

Arabesque (Navy) Bedding + Pombal (Navy/Sky) | Hygge & West

I've just started working on some design plans for a little apartment in NYC (hereafter known as H&W east coast headquarters). Words can't express how excited I am about this situation, as I plan to spend as much time there as I possibly can. And, yes, also because this means new walls to paper! So far, I've nailed down four key elements. Our Arabesque (Navy) Bedding + 1) Pombal (Navy/Sky) wallpaper, 2) this beautiful spindle bed from Rejuvenation and 3) a showstopping ceramic Dreamweaver from MQuan Studio.

Arabesque Bedding in NYC apartment | Hygge & West

The bedding was a no brainer, so of course I brought it with me for Day 1.

Arabesque (Navy) Bedding | NYC small bedroom | Hygge & West

We finally got a mattress during the 2nd trip back, and I think it's going to look just perfect. We're going to do a very light coat of plaster over the brick and then paint it white. Add in said bed frame. Done! :)

I wanted to do Pombal in the bedroom. But after thinking about it more, here's where I landed: STATEMENT STAIRS. When all the walls are painted white, these are really going to pop. Even Joe is on board, so consider this project a go!

MQan Studio Visit | Hygge & West

I was lucky enough to visit MQuan Studio during my last trip there. It's so fascinating to see all the steps that go into creating such beautiful, handmade products.

It makes me appreciate them even more. And I cannot wait to get my very own Dreamweaver for the apartment. It's going to look stunning above the bed. Stay tuned...


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