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Hygge (hue-guh) is Danish for cozy

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Best of July Instagram Roundup

Bloom Dusty Rose wallpaper | Emily Isabella | Hygge & WestImage via @designinrareform

Bloom (Dusty Rose)

We're starting this month's roundup with one of our new Spring/Summer '19 patterns in a to-die-for colorway. We adore how Bloom makes this already special dining nook sing. Swoon. Shop Bloom

Otomi Turquoise wallpaper | Emily Isabella | Hygge & WestImage via @shaunaglenn

Otomi (Turquoise)

The bathroom that keeps on giving, we can never get enough of this ever-evolving, but always chic and unique bathroom. It's a modern spin on the classic blue and white palette that we'll never tire of. Shop Otomi

Otomi Red wallpaper | Emily Isabella | Hygge & WestImage via @thealexthegirl

Otomi (Red)

Another Otomi showstopper, this time in bold Red, is this stunning entryway that was featured in our book, Hygge & West Home: Design for a Cozy Life. Our Instagram followers loved this space as much as we loved photographing it! Shop Otomi

Foret Midnight wallpaper | Julia Rothman | Hygge & WestImage via Karin Olson

Foret (Midnight)

July brought us #GetToKnowYourCustomersDay, and we did just that by featuring a few of our loyal customers and their beautiful spaces, like this one from Karin Olson and her pup model, Maple. We all drooled over her jewel-box Foret entry! Shop Foret

Cat's Meow Blush wallpaper | Julia Rothman | Hygge & West Image via @timstate

Cat's Meow (Blush)

But dogs didn't get to have all the fun last month. You loved this #Caturday shot of an adorable cat doing what cats do best—lounging—but this cat did it in the most stylish way with some Cat's Meow as a blushing backdrop. Shop Cat's Meow

Daydream Sunshine wallpaper | Julia Rothman | Hygge & WestImage via @creatinghomewithwhit

Daydream (Sunshine)

This Daydreamy kids room was a big hit on Instagram last month, and it's easy to see why. Sunshine birds flitting overhead, a kaleidoscope of butterflies on the wall, and cloud-like bedding to curl up into—what kid (or adult!) wouldn't want this bedroom? Shop Daydream 

Piedmont Pine wallpaper | Helmsie | Hygge & WestImage via @honeysuckleandbulldog

Piedmont (Pine)

Talk about foxy! This bathroom got a major dose of personality with the addition of Piedmont in an earthy green hue. And that light! Those fixtures! It's all working for us. Shop Piedmont

Peonies Copper wallpaper | Rifle Paper Co. | Hygge & WestImage via @pmqfortwo

Peonies (Copper)

Give us all the pattern and all the pups, please! This punchy, pattern-happy kitchen strikes the perfect balance between nostalgic and modern, and we are here for it. Shop Peonies

Tassels Marine wallpaper | Laundry Studio | Hygge & WestImage via @meganhopp

Tassels Marine

With its no-holds-barred approach to color and fun and festive Tassels backdrop, this punchy bathroom had us all feeling the blues... the best way possible. Shop Tassels

Andanza Navy bedding | Laundry Studio | Hygge & WestImage via @laundry_studio

Andanza (Navy) Bedding

Why should walls get to have all the fun? Jen of Laundry Studio brought serious pattern attitude to her bed with our Andanza (Navy) bedding, giving everyone the sweetest pattern-filled dreams. Shop Andanza bedding

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