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Best of May Instagram Roundup

Bloom Bluebell wallpaper | Emily Isabella | Hygge & WestImage via @alliepjensen


April showers brought May flowers in this spring-ready bathroom. Says the homeowner, "It only took 6.5 years to decide on a wallpaper for my powder room, but it was worth the wait!” We couldn't agree more. SHOP BLOOM

Daydream Blush wallpaper | Julia Rothman | Hygge & WestImage via @alliepjensen


This light and airy bathroom made Team H&W and our Instagram followers blush with delight—so Daydreamy! SHOP DAYDREAM

Piedmont Taupe wallpaper | Helmsie | Hygge & WestImage via @canofwhoopash


“You don’t choose wallpaper. Wallpaper chooses you.” This homeowner is speaking our pattern language in this Piedmont space that's always ready for its closeup. SHOP PIEDMONT

Wildflower Emerald bedding | Charlotte Janvier | Hygge & WestImage via @aimee_hyggeandwest


Hygge & West's newest mascot, Birdie, showed us how to quarantine right: cozy bedding, a good book, and the perfect snuggle buddy. SHOP WILDFLOWER BEDDING | SHOP HYGGE & WEST BOOK

Petal Pusher Gold wallpaper | Oh Joy | Hygge & WestImage via @kaminskipew, @kylesmithborn


Being greeted with a bouquet of flowers once in a while? Good. Being greeted with a whole room full of them (every day)? Even better. SHOP PETAL PUSHER

Slice Gray wallpaper | Heath Ceramics | Hygge & WestImage via @thevuvobandit, @roomandboard


Cozy comforts served with a side of Slice. Our Instagram followers gave major love to this gorgeous and oh-so-inviting bedroom last month. SHOP SLICE

Strike Gold wallpaper | Heath Ceramics | Hygge & WestImage via @bhc_solutions, @designstrom


This modern bathroom, with its clean lines, contrasting colors, and gorgeous gold accents, makes for one Strike-ing space. SHOP STRIKE

Stardust Dusk wallpaper | Charlotte Janvier | Hygge & WestImage via @grayoakstudio


This nursery design shot for the stars with perfect aim! From its soft color palette to the forever starry skies above, we've fallen hard. SHOP STARDUST

Quilt Cayenne wallpaper | Heath Ceramics | Hygge & WestImage via @destinationeichler, @dwellmagazine, @dibblephoto


Who needs to go out to the bars with a home bar like this? Every hour is happy hour in this pattern-filled nook. SHOP QUILT

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