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Posted on January 04, 2017 by Christiana

It's time for look back at our most popular Instagrams of 2016!

1. Sweet baby Moe poses with some Pineapples.

2. Some seriously good pattern matching (via @shoplikeadesigner)

3. Mikko can't wait for Christmas!

4. Forest Floor on the ceiling perfection (via @maxwellgrayinteriors)

5. Rosa filled stairs (via @sarybfox)

6. Pure Cosmic Desert magic (via @sarahstaceyinteriordesign)

7. Quilt (Celadon) and copper combo doesn't get any better (via @decorotation)

8. Peonies (Copper) details! (via @arifuchs)

9. Justina Blakeney brings the green with some Nana (Pink) wallpaper (via @thejungalow)

Looking forward to posting lots more pattern this year - please follow along, if you'd like!


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