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Feeling Like... American Cities

Feeling Like American Cities | wallpaper inspiration | Hygge & West

To celebrate this beautiful country of ours this 4th of July, Team H&W has looked right to our own backyards for some interior inspiration. Keep scrolling to see four very different spaces inspired by four very different—but equally amazing—American Cities. What special places inspire you?

Feeling Like American Cities | Santa Fe | Andanza Taupe wallpaper | Laundry Studio | Hygge & West

1. Book | 2. Incense | 3. Rug | 4. Wine | 5. Moon art


Hygge & West: Which city inspired your space?

Aimee Lagos: Santa Fe, NM

H&W: Tell us a little bit about the products you've selected.


Incense: I think one of the most striking and unique things about northern New Mexico is the smell of the air, especially on fall evenings. The scent of piñon wood smoke from people’s fireplaces mixes with the scent of sagebrush and pine in the air and it’s just intoxicating. This incense makes a room smell like you have a wood burning fireplace and plenty of piñon wood to burn.

Moon Art: The sky in New Mexico is unlike anywhere else. The gorgeous expanse of blue, sometimes with white fluffy clouds, during the day, the vibrant, fiery sunsets are stunning. But my favorite thing is the night sky there. With less light pollution, so many stars are visible and when the moon comes over the horizon it looks truly otherworldly. This art piece lets you bring a bit of that into your room so you can always see the moon at night.

Rug: Southwest style is still going strong in Santa Fe! It’s the one decor trend from our youth that Christiana and I secretly hope makes a big comeback at some point.

Book: This is one of my all time favorite books. It’s about a French Jesuit missionary who comes to Santa Fe shortly after the territory is annexed as a state. While fictional, it’s an interesting historical account of the area at that time, and beautifully written.

Wine: Nothing like unwinding with a glass of wine at night, and Gruet has been making excellent champagnes and wines right outside Albuquerque for years now.

H&W: How does the pattern you've chosen relate to your city?

AL: I chose Andanza (Taupe). The pattern, while inspired by a trip we took to San Miguel de Allende, also feels southwestern, especially in taupe.

H&W: Why is this city special to you? 

AL: I (and Christiana!) grew up a half hour north of Santa Fe, so while I didn’t grow up there, I almost did. It was the closest town with a mall and a Target basically. Later, it became even more special to me because it’s where my husband and I got married. It’s blossomed into an internationally known destination for art and food and is just so beautiful and unique.

H&W: What would your ideal day in this place look like?

AL: Sadly a lot of it revolves around eating! There are so many amazing foods that you can only get in New Mexico… I gain several pounds every time I go back for a visit. I’d stay at the El Rey Court—it’s recently been completely remodeled and their bar sounds amazing. Oddly enough, this is where Manny, his family, and all his groomsmen stayed when we got married, but it was much less hip then. I’d get breakfast at Cafe Pasqual’s because it’s the best. Then I’d walk around the Plaza and shop. Lunch would be a green chile cheeseburger from Lotaburger en route to Ten Thousand Waves for a massage and a soak, then for dinner, green chile chicken enchiladas at The Shed with extra sopaipillas for dessert!

H&W: Do you have any special 4th of July plans or traditions?

AL: We go up to our cabin with dear friends for the 4th every year. It usually involves a lot of cooking and barbecuing (we’ve been smoking brisket for the past couple years and we’re getting good at it—yum!), spending a lot of time in the water or on the boat, and hanging out around a fire or playing cards in the evening. Everyone is so busy these days that it’s hard to find time that we can all get up north together, so we distill the very best of summer into three days. It’s my favorite weekend of the year!

Feeling Like American Cities | Bruno Navy/Sky wallpaper | Tilton Fenwick | Hygge & West

1. Pillow | 2. Sofa | 3. Candle | 4. Table | 5. Plant | 6. Mug


H&W: Which city inspired your space?

Christiana Coop: New York City

H&W: Tell us a little bit about the products you've selected here.


Pillow: I’m a huge fan Anke Drechsel’s work and love any excuse to step in a John Derian store when in NYC, so this pillow is a no brainer for me.

Sofa: I enjoy everything about this sofa, including the mustard velvet and how well its shape works with the Bruno pattern. Plus something from ABC Carpet is a must for any proper NYC mood board.

Mug: We have a couple of these mugs and they feel so nice to hold. And I find Cote a Coast an inspiring place to shop, so would happily swing in their for more browsing anytime.

Plant: I dig this leaf shape with Bruno and a touch of living green in any space is always a good thing.

Table: I chose marble and brass to add some NYC glam to the mix.

Candle: A candle that smells and looks beautiful? Light it up!

H&W: How does the pattern you've chosen relate to your city?

CC: I selected Bruno (Navy/Sky). Bruno was designed by NYC- based Tilton Fenwick and has such a dynamic feel, just like the city.

H&W: Why is this city special to you?

CC: It’s just the most exciting city in the world to me. I grew up knowing it only through TV and movies, so whenever I visit I still see things through more childlike, romanticized eyes. I now get to go more frequently due to my boyfriend working there so it’s starting to feel like home away from home as the place become more familiar and the days more routine, which I love.

H&W: What would your ideal day in this place look like?

CC: Sleeping in, a meandering stroll down to SoHo or up to Central Park. Stops for coffee in the morning, cocktails in the afternoon. Dinner at my favorite noodle place Tsurutontan Udon Noodle Brasserie or sushi at Sugarfish. A perfect day there is a Saturday with zero agenda except for brunch. We just love wandering around—people watching and discovering new things.

H&W: Do you have any special 4th of July plans or traditions?

CC: This will be my first 4th at the farm, which I’m excited about. I was just chatting with a neighbor who mentioned that nearby Green Music Center does fireworks and we can watch them from our driveway. So that is what we will be doing. I associate July 4th with our family’s homemade ice cream—it’s the first thing that comes to mind. My mom mixes it together based on my grandma’s recipe and my dad does the freezing in the garage. I’m thinking about trying to make it here this year. There’s literally nothing better!

Feeling Like American Cities | Forest Floor Ebony wallpaper | Pattern People | Hygge & West

1. Pillows | 2. Blanket | 3. Candle | 4. Bowl | 5. Art


Hygge & West: Which city inspired your space?

Ola Supernat: The space I created is inspired by my current hometown, Portland, OR. The city is very much into collaboration and supporting its community, so all the items I picked are from Oregon-based makers. I chose the piece of art as a nod to Portland’s International Rose Test Garden (over 10,000 rose bushes and about 650 varieties!). The fun-colored and -shaped velvet/wool pillows and the classic plaid wool throw are a cozy pairing that, just like Portlanders, doesn’t take itself too seriously. The candle with notes of peonies and fir brings the outdoors in. As far as the fruit bowl, I love the combination of the smooth glaze and rougher stoneware—it is perfect for all the fruit that’s becoming abundant at the farmer’s market.

H&W: How does the pattern you've chosen relate to your city?

OS: I selected Forest Floor (Ebony). The pattern’s designers, Pattern People, are also from Portland and were inspired by the Pacific Northwest. To me, the pattern is about the calming beauty of the outdoors. I love going on hikes and nature walks, so again, this is about bringing the outdoors in and in a quite sophisticated way. 

H&W: Why is this city special to you?

OS: Portland has been my hometown for the past six plus years. I love it for its proximity to nature, great food, and easy-going character, amongst other reasons. My boyfriend and I bought a house here over four years ago. Since all my family lives in Europe, this is the closest I have to “home.”

H&W: What would your ideal day in this place look like?

OS: I wake up early and eat a filling breakfast. I pack lunch, snacks, and coffee and head out of town for a hike in the Columbia River Gorge or towards the coast (with my boyfriend if I can convince him). Leaving early is crucial, because a lot of people have that same exact plan. We enjoy our lunch with a side of an amazing view at the top of a mountain (or somewhere pretty along the trail). On the way back home, we stop at the food carts for dinner… and perhaps ice cream—summer days are so long in Oregon, you don’t want to go home. We end the day by watching a movie and properly resting our bodies after a long and adventurous day. (If you can’t tell, I’ve already had days like this, but they will never get old!)

H&W: Do you have any special 4th of July plans or traditions?

OS: We’ll be spending the holiday with my boyfriend’s family on the East Coast at a lake house. It will be a third year in a row, so I suppose it’s becoming a tradition. We do pretty much nothing all day—just eat, sit around, talk, swim, repeat—which actually makes for the best time.

Feeling Like American Cities | Diamante Gold wallpaper | Laundry Studio | Hygge & West

1. Plant | 2. Mirror | 3. Sofa | 4. Table | 5. Lantern | 6. Art


Hygge & West: Which city inspired your space?

Melissa Andersen: I was inspired by one of my favorite cities in the world, New Orleans. It's such a special place—distinctly American, yet you could totally forget where you are and feel like you're in some cool European city. The culture, the people, the music... it's all so unique and I never tire of it!

H&W: How does the pattern you've chosen relate to your city?

MA: I chose Diamante (Gold). When I think of New Orleans, I think of sexy, sultry, and soulful, with a touch of French glam, and this paper brings all of that and more. The green velvet sofa feels special and luxe and has that bold attitude that defines NOLA. The mirror brings in an air of French antiques, but done in a slightly more modern way. The art is by a New Orleans artist, James Michalopolous, who is doing some really exciting things with his work; the subject matter is quintessential New Orleans, but it's also the style in which it's painted that almost makes you feel like you're sitting in the sweaty NOLA heat. Of course no New Orleans home would be complete without hanging ferns and a lantern, and the pink side table just brings it all together.

H&W: Why is this city special to you?

MA: I've been to New Orleans several times and every time I go, I discover something new. Whether it's an incredible plate of food, a dive-y jazz bar, a new artist, or some interesting bit of history or culture, New Orleans has a way of feeling new and old at the same time. I also love that there is so much haunted history to this city; between the old ghosts and vampires believed to run amok on the city streets and the deep ties to voodoo, the whole city has this otherworldly glow that I cannot get enough of.

H&W: What would your ideal day in this place look like?

MA: My ideal day in New Orleans is all about taking in the city with every one of my senses: indulging in the unique cuisine (po' boys, gumbos, and beignets galore!); bouncing from jazz club to jazz club and dancing with the street musicians; soaking up the city's storied past (haunted and otherwise); and ending the night with some good drinks and more music and dancing. Of course, sprinkle in some shopping for a really perfect day. 

H&W: Do you have any special 4th of July plans or traditions?

MA: Every year my family heads down to the Jersey Shore for a long 4th of July weekend. My extended family and I have vacationed there our whole lives; many of my relatives have beach houses and my husband's family is from that area (and still lives there), so we bounce from house to house, beach to beach, visiting with cousins, aunts, uncles, and friends. It's a fun, rejuvenating weekend full of barbecues, beach days, drinks, games, and fireworks, and I look forward to it every year. This year will be extra special since it will be my daughter's first 4th of July, so I'm even more excited to see it all through her eyes.


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