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Feeling Like... Spring Is In The Air

Feeling Like Spring Is In the Air | Hygge & West

Spring is finally here, and Team H&W has the fever! We're ready for sunshine, warm breezes, and flowers in full bloom. Until then, we're busy dreaming up fresh spaces that feel like spring all year round.

Florebela Laurel wallpaper | Tilton Fenwick | Hygge & West1. Seed envelopes | 2. Potting table | 3. Clogs | 4. Rug | 5. Basket | 6. Gardening tools | 7. Coat rack


Since moving to a place with actual yards and areas to garden, I’ve been psyching myself up all winter to become the next Martha Stewart... or at least to plant a few seeds and pull some weeds. So now it is time to garden or get off the flower pot, as they say. Wanting to make gardening as effortless as possible, I pictured a large, beautiful, floral-filled mudroom, chock full of easily accessible and organized gardening supplies. In reality I have a very crammed and tiny laundry room/hallway to the backyard, but a wannabe farm girl can dream!

I chose Florebela (Laurel) because it screams spring to me and it’s one of my favorite patterns. I think the soft Laurel colorway works nicely with some dashes of primary colors and would feel textural in a large mudroom space on all the walls and ceiling (why not?!).

Pajarito Black wallpaper | Laundry Studio | Hygge & West1. Bluetooth speaker | 2. El Ma Querer CD | 3. Candle | 4. Towel | 5. Robe | 6. Plant


When you live in Minnesota, nothing is more welcome than the start of spring! Going somewhere warm for spring break is a must after a long, long, cold winter. When we decided to remodel our master bathroom, I knew that I wanted to create a beachy, Mexican/Central American vibe—some of our favorite warm weather destinations—to keep that spring break feeling all year round. Pajarito (Black) is the perfect pattern for this space. It’s light and airy, unisex so hubs doesn’t complain, and was inspired by a trip Christiana and I took to Mexico ages ago now.

To round out the rest of the room, I added boutique-hotel-worthy his-and-hers robes, towels that bring some color, and more Mexican-inspired pattern into the space, and a scent that evokes a nighttime stroll on the beach. We like to keep plants in the bathroom, not just because they add to that tropical feeling, but they seem to really thrive in there. And last, but not least, some music to sing (or rap) along with in the shower!

Margot White wallpaper | Wit & Delight | Hygge & West1. Peg rack | 2. Dust pan set | 3. Hamper | 4. Rug | 5. Wire bin | 6. Amber bottles | 7. Cleaning cloth | 8. Light fixture


I’ve come to embrace the fact that I like my lifeand things in itto be nice and neat. Spring is the perfect time to refresh and reassess. For example, I’ve been eyeing more considered cleaning tools to make those tasks more enjoyable. I also want to start making my own cleaners and keep them in pretty matching bottles. My dream clean space is part laundry, part utility room. It’s a bright, airy, and cheerful space with plenty of storage space. Margot (White) pairs perfectly with my spring cleaning theme—the simple graphic flowers are delightful and the rhythmic movement of the stalks is very calming. Also, the cobalt blue and mint green color combo feels crisp and fresh.

Piedmont Taupe wallpaper | Helmsie | Hygge & West1. Hanging chair | 2. Planter | 3. Rug | 4. Stool | 5. Table lamp | 6. Mirror


Winters in New Jersey are cold, gray, and wet, so when spring finally rolls around, I'm just itching to soak up as much warm sunshine as possible. If I can't be in the great outdoors hiking, swimming, or boating, then the next best place is an easy, breezy sun room, full of floor-to-ceiling windows and a bright, neutral color palette. The space I envision is anchored by one of my absolute favorite new patterns, Piedmont (Taupe). I love the flora and fauna of this whimsical-yet-grown-up pattern, and with its playful foxes, it feels perfect for the reawakening of Mother Nature. 

In my mind, many a lazy Sunday is spent in this sunroom, swinging on a great hanging chair, reading a book, and sipping an ice cold Arnold Palmer perched beside me on this versatile stool. The neutral lamp helps extend reading hours way into the night, while the mirror reflects and enhances all that great daytime sun. Lastly, no spring space would be complete without a little greenery, and this textural planter hits all the right notes.

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