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Hygge (hue-guh) is Danish for cozy

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Holiday Cocktails + Pattern: Vin Chaud

Posted on December 01, 2017 by Melissa Andersen


The holidays are officially here and we're getting hygge the best way we know how - by toasting the season with our team's favorite seasonal cocktails! Of course, no Hygge & West celebration would be complete without a heavy pour of pattern, so we've paired our festive spirits with the perfect complementary wallpapers. What could be jollier than that?!

Vin Chaud

From the kitchen of: Aimee Lagos

My favorite cocktail for the holidays is a simple vin chaud, inspired by the Christmas we spent in Paris two years ago. It’s the perfect cozy winter drink: warm and full of spices. When you make it, the whole house smells welcoming and delicious, and it’s an easy drink for a crowd!


(1) 5"x12" piece of orange zest
1 bottle good quality red wine (we like to use Beaujolais Nouveau)
4 small cinnamon sticks
4 tablespoons granulated sugar
2 cardamom pods
5 whole cloves


Mix all the ingredients, including the orange zest (with as much of the white pith removed as possible), together in a large saucepan. Bring the mixture to just below a simmer over the lowest heat setting on the stovetop. Do not allow the wine to boil! You can keep the wine at a low/warm temperature for as long as you like (or as long as it lasts!) on the stove. Ladle into mugs when ready to serve. If you want to be fancy, make orange slices, stud them with cloves, and put them on the side of the mug as garnish.

Drinking vin chaud reminds me of walking through the streets of Paris, beautifully decorated for the holidays. During our time there, my family joked that I basically planned our excursions so as to hit as many vin chaud booths as possible along the way. One of my favorite holiday memories will always be watching the boys ice skate on the Eiffel Tower on Christmas day, surrounded by the people I love most.

I chose Moons in Ebony because it reminds me of strolling through Paris at night with a cup of vin chaud in my hand. Both the wallpaper and winter nights in Paris are cloudy, slightly moody, and beautiful.


My favorite thing about the holidays now that our kids are teenagers is that it’s the only unscheduled time that we have as a family. My husband and I stop working (for the most part), and the boys don’t have soccer or homework to worry about. It’s really the only time of the year that we can step away from everything and just spend time together without worrying about who needs to be where when.


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