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Hygge Land, North Carolina

Posted on November 01, 2016 by Christiana


Aimee was in North Carolina the other weekend with her family, so took the opportunity to do some shopping at Chet Miller, aka the most hygge-filled place in North Carolina! The shop is owned by the lovely Jennings Brody, her second project following the success of Parker and Otis!


And all kinds of other good stuff! Including our wallpaper, did I mention that?

We are big fans of these candles, of course!

Meet their new shop dog, sweet baby puggy pup, Dotty! If you look carefully, it looks like Aimee bought a pack of Duke playing cards. I guess she's preparing to play solitaire? Ha. That's my joke about how no one in her immediate family likes Duke :)

It's a family affair too. You can see her daughter, Miller, seems to enjoy hanging out there. Who wouldn't?


Chet Miller is in about to open a kids store next door called Tiny, and it's shaping up for some seriously hygge-filled fun!

We just love how they incorporated our Circus pattern into the mix. And that is Jennings's husband, Jonathan helping out. He also built all the fixtures in the stores. So good!

And now we'll leave you with this amazing ham. Go HAM.


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