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Hygge (hue-guh) is Danish for cozy

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Say Hello to Piedmont!

Posted on October 26, 2018 by Christiana

Piedmont (Pine) | Hygge & West

We were so excited to launch this gorgeous pattern, Piedmont, designed by the lovely ladies at Helmsie!

Piedmont (Taupe) | Hygge & West

This inspiration? In the Southeast, as the mountains slope down to the piedmont, you'll find red foxes, rabbits, and quail running in the forests. They are hiding behind the thistles, snacking on the peaches and blackberries. Piedmont, named for the region Karla and Sarah of Helmsie call home, is available in four beautiful colorways sure to complement any decor scheme.

farm house | Hygge & West

In mildly related news, I'm moving from San Francisco to the country about an hour north and this wallpaper is absolutely going in the new place!

Feeling Like Coutry Farmhouse | Piedmont (Indigo) | Hygge & West

I put together a mood board for the overall look I'm going for which is something along the lines of "Modern Rustic French Country Farmhouse" :) Some items I have my eye on that work with with Piedmont (Indigo) wallpaper include 1) blue velvet chair; 2) farmhouse table; 3) caned chairs; 4) wool blanket; 5) ferm living throw pillow; 6) Arabesque bedding; and 7) vintage marble work table. Will keep you posted, of course!


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