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Project Ideas For Our Seconds Wallpaper

July 23, 2018

Nana Pink wallpapered panels

Want to add more pattern to your life? Our "Seconds" wallpaper that's on sale right now would be the perfect way to do so at a very low price! But because these wallpapers do have some minor print flaws, we'd suggest using them in smaller spaces and for smaller projects (where having a perfect seam isn't important). We've rounded up some of our favorite projects from over the years to hopefully inspire some project ideas! Let's start with wallpaper panels which are always a good idea, like these Nana (Pink) panels via @terracottadesignbuild.

Closet wallpapered in Snow Gold

You can't argue with wallpapering a closet. This one via @lala_takes_pics in Snow (Gold) is gold medal level.

Childrens closet wallpapered in Petal Pusher Black

And don't forget wallpaper is for kids closets too! For example, this cute Petal Pusher (Black) closet via @alyssadkent is basically a fairy tale come true.

 Wallpapered stairs in Strike Navy | Hygge & West

Make a huge statement underfoot with wallpapered stairs like this stunning Strike (Navy) ones via @sarahbax!

Wallpapered headboard in Aja Teal | Hygge & West

The opportunities to wallpaper furniture are truly endless. We adore this headboard idea in our Aja (Teal) wallpaper designed by @apartmentf15.

Wallpapered dresser | Queen Anne Ebony | Ikea Hack | Hygge & West

And, this Ikea cabinet hack with our Queen Anne (Ebony) via @housebeautiful is so gorgeous.

Wallpapered side of drawers in Foret Charcaol | DIY | Hygge & West

Don't forget the sides of your drawers either! We absolutely love this idea via @dittybopbop. The Foret (Charcoal) pattern or any other small scale pattern would be perfect for this type of treatment.

Peonies Copper inside a cabinet | DIY | Hygge & West

Or the inside of a cabinet for that patterned surprise! This cabinet with our Peonies (Copper) via @rethinkdesignstudio is so fun.

Petal Pusher on the top of a cabinet | DIY | Hygge & West

The tops of furniture are also the perfect spot for some patterned treatment, like this lovely Petal Pusher (Gold) dresser via @houseenvyinteriors.

Nana Saffron wallpapered kitchen built in | Hygge & West

Built-ins are basically begging for wallpaper! We love this pop of Nana (Saffron) in @liznylon's kitchen.

Queen Anne Ebony wallpaper kitchen built in | Hygge & West

And some Queen Anne (Ebony) in my own kitchen :)

Pineapple Sorbet wallpaper in a kitchen cabinet | Hygge & West Or Pineapples (Sorbet) via @planning_pretty - so, so fresh!

Peonies Persimmon wallpaper inside a linen closet | DIY | Hygge & West

A linen closet full of Peonies (Persimmon)? Yes please, and thank you @heymaryelizabeth for the idea!

Cosmic Desert Ebony wallpapered door | DIY | Hygge & West

Don't forget your front door! We chose Cosmic Desert (Ebony) for a magical exit.

Wallpaper magazine holders | DIY | Hygge & West

And for those extra small projects... think 1) magazine holders,

Peonies Yellow Tray DIY

2) trays (Peonies wallpaper) and

Circular frames with wallpaper scraps

3) frames! (via @anaveradesign)

Wallpapered Winnebago in Daydream Green and Diamante Turquoise

Last, but certainly not least, take your wallpaper on the road, camper style! (via @addisonswonderland)



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Valentine’s Day is for (Wallpaper) Lovers

February 02, 2018

Hygge & West Modern Floral Wallpaper

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to brighten the day of a friend or loved one (or yourself!) with a little help from the usual (flowers, candy, notes of gratitude)…but also from our usual, pattern!

Hygge & West Patterned Bedding, Organic Cotton Bedding

Treat Yourself to Breakfast in Bed...

There’s something about breakfast in bed that feels so special, and especially with our new bedding collection newly launched, we’ve been finding as many excuses to do so as possible! Our Arabesque (Ochre) duvet is even cozier with croissants and coffee.

Hygge & West Modern Floral Wallpaper, Gold Wallpaper

...And Some Fresh Blooms!

The most floral bouquet you’ve ever seen! Rosa (Indigo) and Petal Pusher (Gold) add the perfect punch to fresh flowers.

Hygge & West Modern Floral Wallpaper, Pink Wallpaper

Craft Time! Patterned Jars Edition

This is a great craft for the true recycler. We cleaned out empty jam jars and candle containers and cut out pieces of wallpaper to fit inside. A few dabs of glass-friendly glue, a bit of creative paper positioning, and you have yourself a whole new flower vase or candy dish!

Rosa (Indigo) holds fresh cut flowers. (If you want to get really serious, treat the paper inside your jar with a waterproofing spray and feed your flowers with a wet paper towel rather than a full bath of water).

Hygge & West Modern Floral Wallpaper, Pink Wallpaper

Andaza (Blush) is the perfect little candy bowl. We wallpapered the inside x2 for an all-over pattern look.

Shout-out to Rose Dancers (Pink), the sweetest wallpaper that spreads the love year-round.

Hygge & West Modern Floral Wallpaper, Pink Wallpaper, Gold Wallpaper

We had so much fun playing with our most blush-worthy patterns! (Pictured here: Topiary (Gold), Arabesque (Pink)Andaza (Blush)Petal Pusher (Gold) and Nethercote (Rose)).

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Holiday Paper Crafts, Leftover Wallpaper Style!

December 16, 2017


Wallpaper Wrapped Presents Hygge & West Strike (Gold) Damask (Gold) Laundry Studio Heath Ceramics

Leftover wallpaper is not meant to be stashed away – after all, if you love a pattern enough to cover your walls in it, should you not make use of every last scrap?

Well, we’ve found that crafts are the perfect use, and the holidays are the perfect time for crafts.

What follows is a roundup of some of our favorite leftover wallpaper crafts, courtesy of team H&W and friends. 

Christmas Presents fireplace Hygge for the holidays wallpaper wrapped presents

Wallpaper-Wrapped Presents: What's the easiest and most festive way to show off your leftover wallpaper's pattern? Under the tree, of course! Also, this just so happens to be our favorite way to wrap presents. Pictured here are Damask (Gold) and Strike (Gold). Courtesy of Christiana, her cool-girl tree trimmings and amazing fireplace. :)


NYC apartment paper garland DIY christmas decor Hygge & West wallpaper

Paper Stars: Ornaments, garlands, table toppers, tree toppers...these versatile little guys can do it all! Click here for a how-to guide and inspiration. Every H&W paper is a star, but we used Queen Anne (Taupe)Diamonds (Pine) and Knots (Gold). Courtesy of H&W team member Katherine Bildsten and her apartment that is too tiny for a tree! 


The Most Colorful Christmas Snowflakes: Wallpaper samples can do the job, too! We adore these snowflakes courtesy of @stylewarriorinteriors featuring Peonies and Rosa

Wallpaper paper mache deer head Foret (Midnight) wallpaper Hygge & West Etsy

Festive Faux Taxidermy: Christiana made this papier-mâché deer using Foret (Midnight) wallpaper scraps. All you need is some leftover wallpaper (one pattern, or many!), a paint brush, wallpaper paste and a deer head form (this one is from Etsy). Add some holly and sparkle, and voila, it's holiday-friendly (and real deer-friendly) decor. See process pics here!


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Holiday Wallpaper Crafting: Paper Stars

December 14, 2017

Paper Stars Craft Leftover Wallpaper Hygge & West

These stars are as versatile as they come – they can be made at any size, look great with any pattern, and last well beyond the holidays!

You can string your stars together to make a garland, loop with one piece of yarn for an easy paper ornament or simply display among tabletop decorations.

Hygge & West wallpaper rolls Rifle paper co laundry studios terrence payne

All you need is:
A star stencil or cutout (any size will do!)
Your favorite leftover wallpaper (or wallpapers!) I had on hand Queen Anne (Taupe), Diamonds (Pine) and Knots (Gold)
String, ribbon or yarn if your stars are to become ornaments or a garland
Elmer’s glue

Leftover wallpaper star craft Hygge & West Rifle Paper Co

1 - Cut out a piece of wallpaper that is large enough to fit two stars. Fold the wallpaper in half, inside out. Trace your star stencil on one side of the folded paper, making sure that two of the star’s points fall along the fold.

2 - Cut out the star shape. Once you’ve done so, unfold and you should have two stars, connected at two points. Next, to give your stars some dimension, fold and unfold each star in half five times – one fold for each point! 

3 - Pour a penny-sized amount of glue onto a piece of scrap paper. Dip the inside edges of each of the star’s points in a tiny amount of the glue.

4 - Press the points of your two stars together so that they stick. Make sure that you maintain the 3D shape as much as possible (but the pattern of your wallpaper will help cover up any imperfections!). Don’t worry if there is a gap between each point of your star. And…voila!

5 - Repeat as many times as you’d like! 

leftover wallpaper paper star holiday craft

Tip: The ones shown here are pretty small, but these stars be made with any size stencil. The bigger your star, the more you get to show off your wallpaper’s pattern! :)

leftover wallpaper apartment interior design hygge & West holiday decorating decor

Happy Holidays!

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Looking Forward to the Weekend!

February 24, 2017

Looking Forward to the Weekend!

Yes, it's another puppy to pillow post! I've been puppy sitting all week, so most definitely looking forward to the weekend (and to the return of this sweet little rascal puppy's owner...). In related new, H&W throw pillows are coming soon!

Wishing you a very happy weekend!


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Quality Controling

February 23, 2017

Quality Controling

We asked two very special pups, Calum and Kaya, to help test out our Daydream (Sunshine) in the form of a DIY doggie bed.

Quality Controling

To start, we had to sew the bed. We did an envelope style closure, so it was extremely easy.

Quality Controling

The hardest parts were getting Calum to share the bed, and... Kaya, the puppy, to pay attention to the quality control task at hand.

Quality Controling

But she finally did!

Quality Controling

The best news is that they both seemed to dig it and look super cute dreaming with the birds.


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November 21, 2016


We love these wallpaper planters Justina Blakeney created over at The Jungalow!



A perfect project for removable wallpaper tiles, leftover wallpaper or wallpaper samples, we think. She's included those cute downloadable plant labels as well. Get yours!


Also, I truly never knew to only water most cacti once a month until this very moment... Good to know.


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