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Feeling Like... Spring Is In The Air

March 27, 2019

Feeling Like Spring Is In the Air | Hygge & West

Spring is finally here, and Team H&W has the fever! We're ready for sunshine, warm breezes, and flowers in full bloom. Until then, we're busy dreaming up fresh spaces that feel like spring all year round.

Florebela Laurel wallpaper | Tilton Fenwick | Hygge & West1. Seed envelopes | 2. Potting table | 3. Clogs | 4. Rug | 5. Basket | 6. Gardening tools | 7. Coat rack


Since moving to a place with actual yards and areas to garden, I’ve been psyching myself up all winter to become the next Martha Stewart... or at least to plant a few seeds and pull some weeds. So now it is time to garden or get off the flower pot, as they say. Wanting to make gardening as effortless as possible, I pictured a large, beautiful, floral-filled mudroom, chock full of easily accessible and organized gardening supplies. In reality I have a very crammed and tiny laundry room/hallway to the backyard, but a wannabe farm girl can dream!

I chose Florebela (Laurel) because it screams spring to me and it’s one of my favorite patterns. I think the soft Laurel colorway works nicely with some dashes of primary colors and would feel textural in a large mudroom space on all the walls and ceiling (why not?!).

Pajarito Black wallpaper | Laundry Studio | Hygge & West1. Bluetooth speaker | 2. El Ma Querer CD | 3. Candle | 4. Towel | 5. Robe | 6. Plant


When you live in Minnesota, nothing is more welcome than the start of spring! Going somewhere warm for spring break is a must after a long, long, cold winter. When we decided to remodel our master bathroom, I knew that I wanted to create a beachy, Mexican/Central American vibe—some of our favorite warm weather destinations—to keep that spring break feeling all year round. Pajarito (Black) is the perfect pattern for this space. It’s light and airy, unisex so hubs doesn’t complain, and was inspired by a trip Christiana and I took to Mexico ages ago now.

To round out the rest of the room, I added boutique-hotel-worthy his-and-hers robes, towels that bring some color, and more Mexican-inspired pattern into the space, and a scent that evokes a nighttime stroll on the beach. We like to keep plants in the bathroom, not just because they add to that tropical feeling, but they seem to really thrive in there. And last, but not least, some music to sing (or rap) along with in the shower!

Margot White wallpaper | Wit & Delight | Hygge & West1. Peg rack | 2. Dust pan set | 3. Hamper | 4. Rug | 5. Wire bin | 6. Amber bottles | 7. Cleaning cloth | 8. Light fixture


I’ve come to embrace the fact that I like my lifeand things in itto be nice and neat. Spring is the perfect time to refresh and reassess. For example, I’ve been eyeing more considered cleaning tools to make those tasks more enjoyable. I also want to start making my own cleaners and keep them in pretty matching bottles. My dream clean space is part laundry, part utility room. It’s a bright, airy, and cheerful space with plenty of storage space. Margot (White) pairs perfectly with my spring cleaning theme—the simple graphic flowers are delightful and the rhythmic movement of the stalks is very calming. Also, the cobalt blue and mint green color combo feels crisp and fresh.

Piedmont Taupe wallpaper | Helmsie | Hygge & West1. Hanging chair | 2. Planter | 3. Rug | 4. Stool | 5. Table lamp | 6. Mirror


Winters in New Jersey are cold, gray, and wet, so when spring finally rolls around, I'm just itching to soak up as much warm sunshine as possible. If I can't be in the great outdoors hiking, swimming, or boating, then the next best place is an easy, breezy sun room, full of floor-to-ceiling windows and a bright, neutral color palette. The space I envision is anchored by one of my absolute favorite new patterns, Piedmont (Taupe). I love the flora and fauna of this whimsical-yet-grown-up pattern, and with its playful foxes, it feels perfect for the reawakening of Mother Nature. 

In my mind, many a lazy Sunday is spent in this sunroom, swinging on a great hanging chair, reading a book, and sipping an ice cold Arnold Palmer perched beside me on this versatile stool. The neutral lamp helps extend reading hours way into the night, while the mirror reflects and enhances all that great daytime sun. Lastly, no spring space would be complete without a little greenery, and this textural planter hits all the right notes.

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Feeling Like: A Cozy Guest Room

January 17, 2019

Feeling Like a Cozy Guest Room | Hydrangea Bedding | Hygge & West

Slowly, but surely, I'm working on filling this farm house with maximum pattern! Today's project is pulling together some ideas for the guest room. Here's where I'm at. To coordinate with our Hydrangea (Mint) bedding, I'm thinking 1) bed from Made Goods which I already have; 2) plug in sconces from Schoolhouse Electric; 3) rug from Etsy; 4) water carafe from Ferm Living; 5) Coral & Tusk pillow; 6) curtains made from this Cecilia fabric designed by Tilton Fenwick for Duralee; and 7) vintage tea table.

Yeah, I'm feeling it!

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Feeling Like... Team H&W's Holiday Gift Guides

December 03, 2018

Hygge & West Holiday Gift Guides

Call us sappy, but we're firm believers that the giving that comes with the holiday season will always be more fun than the getting. We love scouring our favorite shops for the *perfect* gift for everyone on our lists—and there's just something so heartwarming about seeing the recipients' eyes light up when they open their holiday packages. That feeling, well, that's what hygge means to us.

Need a little inspiration for your own holiday shopping this year? Each member of the Team H&W rounded up some of their favorite items to give, so keep scrolling to check off everyone on your nice list (and why not be a little naughty and treat yourself to a few, too?).

Feeling Like H&W Team Holiday Gift Guides | Christiana Coop


Hygge & West: Tell us about the gifts you choose and why they pair so well with your pattern of choice.

Christiana Coop: I chose Florebela (Fawn). I’m moving to a little farmhouse in the country about an hour north of San Francisco, so I’ve been obsessed with farmhouse décor and design. I think this pattern is so classic and perfect for modern, but timeless farmhouse vibes. I’m pairing it with, okay I’ll admit it, gifts I’d personally love (and, of course, would love to give to my country neighbors that I have yet to meet) to enhance the cozy factor around the holidays.

1. Farm From Home: This book is so inspiring for a unique perspective on moving from the city to a farm. 

2. Solar-powered lantern: I just love the idea of hanging these from a remote tree to welcome guests and for those afraid of the dark.

3. Solo stove: Aimee actually got me this and it’s so easy to turn on and move around to any location on the farm!

4. Stelton kettle: This chic kettle makes it easy to boil water for a lovely afternoon tea quickly and in style.

5. Table runner:  The pattern and texture of this runner are perfect for a meal gathered around a farmhouse table.

6. Hygge & West Home: Julie Backer’s chapter is so inspiring for modern (and pattern-filled) country living!

H&W: The holidays are all about tradition and memory-making. What are some of your favorite holiday traditions or memories of holidays past?

CC: I actually love our traditional Christmas Eve. For as long as I can remember, we eat my mom’s homemade clam chowder after sitting around the fire eating appetizers—the highlight of which is my favorite tuna dip (it’s basically canned tuna, blue cheese, and cream cheese and I look forward to it every year and eat way more than my fair share!). Then we set up our New Mexican luminarias down the driveway before venturing out to walk around the neighborhood and see the Christmas lights. It’s all pretty simple, but I think having these same traditions every year makes them so special. I just love it.

H&W: What do you have planned for the holidays this year? How are you planning to add extra hygge into the season?

CC: This year, I’m so very excited because I’ll finally have room to get a tree and go wild with white fairy lights. So I’m planning to have a lot of friends over for extra hygge evenings around the fire with cheese and pre-holiday bubbles. Then I’ll head to New Mexico to spend Christmas with my family.

Favorite holiday movie: A Christmas Carol (the one with George C. Scott)

Favorite holiday song: "I’ll Be Home for Christmas" by Bing Crosby

Favorite holiday dish or cocktail: That’s got to be a Bloody Mary on Christmas morning. Just my brother and I seem to enjoy them, so we usually make them together and it’s a delicious way to ease into the day and whet our appetites for the big meal!

Feeling Like H&W Team Holiday Gift Guides | Aimee Lagos


Hygge & West: Tell us about the gifts you choose and why they pair so well with your pattern of choice.

Aimee Lagos: This year, we’re taking a family trip to Costa Rica the week after Christmas, so I’ve had travel on the mind. I chose Cities Toile (Ebony) to pair with travel-themed gifts!

1. The perfect sightseeing bag: If I’m going to be out and about all day, I always take my Small Sutton MZ Wallace bag. It’s lightweight, big enough to hold all your essentials, and the crossbody strap keeps your hands free. It also packs down to nothing in your suitcase.

2. Peace and (almost) quiet: They’re pricey, but for someone who spends a lot of time on planes, they are game changers. Enjoy being able to actually hear movies, or keep them on while you catch some ZZZs. They almost block out the sound of crying babies. Almost.

3. Monocle travel guides: Christiana and I have used these on most of our recent trips and we love them. They contain great resources for shopping, sightseeing, and dining, and they also do a great job of giving you a taste of local culture.

4. Something warm: These scarves are awesome for travel—they’re big enough to wrap up in on the plane if you get chilly, and twist up into a chic scarf when you reach your destination. Plus, they come in so many pretty colors.

5. A snazzy luggage tag: This will help the recipient quickly identify his or her black roller bag in a sea of black roller bags, and the bright yellow will perk up even the most jet-lagged traveler.

6. Our book: I know—this doesn’t really have much to do with travel, but we sure did travel a lot while making it, so a lot of my recommendations come from our time on the road shooting the book.

7. A nice water bottle: I get really dehydrated on long flights, so I’ve started bringing a water bottle along. This pretty Corkcicle x Rifle Paper Co. collaboration is my favorite one.

H&W: The holidays are all about tradition and memory-making. What are some of your favorite holiday traditions or memories of holidays past?

AL: There are so many—I have wonderful memories from my childhood and wonderful memories from Christmases with my boys. My husband reminded me of one the other night: my younger son was obsessed with Little Einsteins when he was two. It had just come out, so they didn’t have toys of the characters in stores yet, so I decided I would make him a Rocket. It took hours, and I was up until midnight Christmas Eve finishing it. The next morning, when the boys came downstairs, my son ran over to the fireplace and picked it up and looked at us and said, “What this?” and we said, “It’s Rocket!” He looked at it and threw it down and said, “That not Rocket.” We all laugh about that every Christmas.

H&W: What do you have planned for the holidays this year? How are you planning to add extra hygge into the season?

AL: We just finished the first phase of our home remodel, and I now have the kitchen of my dreams, so I plan to do a lot of cooking and baking. We’re also finally able to entertain again after losing our kitchen for four months, so we’re excited to have people over for lots of big and small gatherings. We has our first Friendsgiving the week before Thanksgiving. Instead of making traditional Thanksgiving food, we decided to make everything that we and our friends all love to eat, so it was a bit of a mish-mash, but delicious! And we’ll do our annual Holiday Singalong Jamboree this month, which involves more food, and lots of off-key renditions of holiday songs around the fire.

Favorite holiday song: "Little Drummer Boy," because it was my Grandpa’s favorite.

Favorite holiday movie: We watch Elf with the boys every year, so that’s become my favorite.

Favorite holiday dish or cocktail: Vin Chaud—we spent a Christmas in Paris, and now we cannot have Christmas without this drink.

Feeling Like H&W Team Holiday Gift Guides | Aimee Lagos


Hygge & West: Tell us about the gifts you choose and why they pair so well with your pattern of choice.

Ola Supernat: My gifts center around the theme of aiming to do better by your body and mind. Bruno (Coral) pairs well with my theme—the abstract, fluid lines of the pattern could be a metaphor for how our lives are always in flux and how there is always room—and time—to be a better self. Plus, the Coral colorway is quite festive.

1. Baggu pouches: These pretty pouches keep you—and your stuff—organized.

2. Evan Healy Whipped Shea Butter: This luscious shea butter provides fantastic skin protection in the cooler months.

3. Alarm clock: A real alarm clock (rather than the one on your phone) will help avoid screen time in bed—the phone can stay in another room for the night.

4. Pumpkin seed oil: Pumpkin seed oil is not only delicious drizzled over fresh bread topped with avocado and tomatoes, but it’s also good for you.

5. Foam roller: Some may say foam rollers are evil, but your body will thank you! Plus, you can listen to music or (try to) do a little meditation while rolling—a win-win for body and soul!

6. Hygge & West Home: This book is both a feast for the eyes and a reminder that it’s not just things that make up a wonderfully cozy life.

H&W: The holidays are all about tradition and memory-making. What are some of your favorite holiday traditions or memories of holidays past?

OS: My favorite holidays are the ones I get to spend with my family back in Poland. I haven’t been able to go home for Christmas for a few years now, but my thoughts are always there during the season. Some of my favorite memories include baking with my mom and grandma; going to the Holiday Market; eating enough Polish food to last me until the next time I get to go home; ice skating with friends; and long walks followed by hot tea and cake in our warm, cozy kitchen.

H&W: What do you have planned for the holidays this year? How are you planning to add extra hygge into the season?

OS: We’re going to Bora Bora for the holidays. It definitely won’t be a white Christmas, but I think island lifestyle goes hand-in-hand with the concept of hygge. We’ve booked our accommodations—overwater bungalow!—and the only plans so far include starting our mornings with leisurely breakfasts on the porch and ending back on the porch reflecting on the day. We’ll take it one day at a time, enjoying everything as it comes (even a torrential downpour, which is a high possibility since we’re going during rainy season).

Favorite holiday song: Any classic Christmas carol

Favorite holiday movie: Home Alone

Favorite holiday dish or cocktail: Potatoes in the US, pierogi in Poland

Feeling Like Team H&W Holiday Gift Guides | Melissa Andersen


Hygge & West: Tell us about the gifts you choose and why they pair so well with your pattern of choice.

Melissa Andersen: When I think of the holidays, I think of wintry days spent cooped up in a cozy mountain escape. A rustic log cabin shared with loved ones, a roaring fire inside, a snow storm roaring outside, good food, and Christmas music—does it get any more hygge than that? I paired my gifts with Snow (Gold) because it invokes those cabin feelings with just a touch of glitz and glam—perfect for the holidays.

1. Dot bowl: This handmade vessel is a beautiful way to make all those holiday treats feel even more special.

2. Mountain mugs: I have a soft spot for ceramics, especially when you can see the artist's hand. These mugs bring that cozy, mountain-y feel to your coffee or hot chocolate, no matter where you live.

3. Faux fur throw blanket: Every snow day needs a warm, fluffy blanket to snuggle under. This faux fur version is comfy and cruelty-free.

4. Dinner bell: Something about a snowy winter cabin makes me long for the simple lifestyle of bygone days, and this steel dinner bell gives me all those old-timey feels with a modern twist.

5. Fatwood crock: Because how else are we going to get a roaring fire going in our cabin? This crock and kindling serve a purpose and look great while doing it.

6. Embroidered pillowcases: These embroidered pillowcases make lazy mornings in bed so chic—and a little cheeky, too. 

7. Shearling slippers: Cozy and cute—what's not to love about these slippers that bring all the hygge and toasty toes, too!

8. Hygge & West Home: A snowy cabin weekend demands good reading and interior eye candy, and this book has both in spades. Plus, Stephanie Housley's ultimate mountain home is the stuff my log cabin dreams are made of!

9. Woodland smoker: This whimsical wooden smoker brings the aroma of cedarwood to any space in your home—and looks darn adorable while doing it.

H&W: The holidays are all about tradition and memory-making. What are some of your favorite holiday traditions or memories of holidays past?

MA: In my big, Italian family, the holidays are all about traditions, from the foods we eat every year—lots of seafood and pasta, a serious antipasto platter, decadent traditional desserts, and so much more—to the rituals we partake in, like the long process of making and hand-forming dolalucci cookies. But my favorite is definitely driving out to the country to cut down our tree. We make a day of it with lunch and antique shopping afterward, and it's the perfect way to kick off the season.

H&W: What do you have planned for the holidays this year? How are you planning to add extra hygge into the season?

MA: My husband and I just had our first baby (!!!) so the holidays are going to be very different this year. Since the baby will only be a few weeks old, we'll likely avoid the big family gatherings and mostly lay low at home instead. We're planning to cook up a big feast for two, binge on Christmas movies, and just soak up every second with our new little bundle.

Favorite holiday song: Brenda Lee's "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" for something classic, and Otis Redding's "Merry Christmas Baby" for a little more funk.

Favorite holiday movie: National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation—it's mandatory holiday viewing in my family.

Favorite holiday dish or cocktail: Dolaluccis! They're a traditional Italian Christmas cookie that's super labor intensive to make, but so worth the effort.

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Feeling Like... Black Friday Prep!

November 21, 2018

Feeling Like | Black Friday Sales | Hygge & West

Are you ready for Black Friday? Me too! I'm crossing my fingers for some sales. My Black Friday strategy is pretty focused this year on things I "need" for the new place. This is basically a long way of telling you that 1) I picked a new wallpaper for the bedroom - Queen Anne (Taupe) and 2) we're having a sale and it starts today!

Other items on the list: 1) Rifle Paper Co. rug, 2) Pottery Barn curtain rods, 3) Rejuvenation fireplace tools, 4) our Foret pillow, 5) East Fork Pottery bowls, and 6) a SSMEG.

Happy Shopping!

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Wallpaper + 3: Heading to the Country!

November 07, 2018

 Country Kitchen Nook | Florebela (Navy) | Hygge & West

Have I mentioned I'm moving to a farmhouse? Oh I have, that's right, because it's pretty much all I talk about :) One of the things I'm most excited about is this kitchen nook and how pretty it's going to be wallpapered in Florebela (Navy)!

Wallpaper + 3 | Moodboard | Florebela (Navy)

I put together a little round-up of some other ingredients I'm considering adding to this country kitchen nook mix as well: 1. blue glass lighting | 2. John Derian plate collection | 3. classic table = you'll find me sitting here all day, everyday.

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Say Hello to Piedmont!

October 26, 2018

Piedmont (Pine) | Hygge & West

We were so excited to launch this gorgeous pattern, Piedmont, designed by the lovely ladies at Helmsie!

Piedmont (Taupe) | Hygge & West

This inspiration? In the Southeast, as the mountains slope down to the piedmont, you'll find red foxes, rabbits, and quail running in the forests. They are hiding behind the thistles, snacking on the peaches and blackberries. Piedmont, named for the region Karla and Sarah of Helmsie call home, is available in four beautiful colorways sure to complement any decor scheme.

farm house | Hygge & West

In mildly related news, I'm moving from San Francisco to the country about an hour north and this wallpaper is absolutely going in the new place!

Feeling Like Coutry Farmhouse | Piedmont (Indigo) | Hygge & West

I put together a mood board for the overall look I'm going for which is something along the lines of "Modern Rustic French Country Farmhouse" :) Some items I have my eye on that work with with Piedmont (Indigo) wallpaper include 1) blue velvet chair; 2) farmhouse table; 3) caned chairs; 4) wool blanket; 5) ferm living throw pillow; 6) Arabesque bedding; and 7) vintage marble work table. Will keep you posted, of course!


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Feeling Like: Labor Day Host Gift Ideas!

August 24, 2018

Hygge & West Home: Design for a Cozy Life

We're already thinking ahead to the long weekend, and we thought that we'd remind you that our book makes an excellent host/ess gift if you'll be spending your Labor Day weekend at any of the following places...

1. Our book! | 2. If you're going to a lake house, odds are you'll be spending time on a boat, and is it just us, or does the reference on this shirt never get old? | 3. Who doesn't love a fancy candle? No one, that's who. | 4. If you're feeling like splurging, this is the Cadillac of water floaties - super comfy, and the best part is no one has to get lightheaded inflating it. | 5. It's still pretty warm this time of year, so some iced coffee (and the perfect iced coffee brewer) is a great way to caffeinate yourself on an end-of-summer day.

1. Our book! | 2. Every mountain cabin must have a fireplace, and these matches and some fatwood are the best way to get a fire started quickly. | 3. This gorgeous quilt brings the beautiful starry sky indoors. If you can sew, you can make your own. | 4. Card games are a wonderful way to spend time with family and friends - these cards are the most gorgeous we've ever seen. | 5. And wine (especially this one) is always a welcome gift - make it even more special with this awesome bottle cooler.

 Hostess Beach Gifts | Hygge & West Book

1. Our book! | 2. If you feel like splurging on your hostess, this Apres Sea hat is a no brainer. | 3. How about a classic picnic basket for a picnic at the beach? | 4. We're big fans of the round beach towel trend, especially if they are patterned! | 5. Always be celebrating under the sun with these gorgeous champagne saucers.

 Feeling Like Hostess Gifts for the City Dweller | Hygge & West Book

1. Our book! | 2. Everyone will love the smell of this stunning Fornasetti candle; guaranteed. | 3. Wipe off that city grime with a witty welcome mat. | 4. Hasami porcelain mugs are so pretty and great for stacking in limited cabinet space. | 5. And, we both love these little ball incense holders for an inexpensive, unexpected gift!


Happy Friday!

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