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Wallpaper Two Ways: Karla Quisenberry

Posted on October 14, 2016 by Melissa Andersen


Karla Quisenberry, known online simply as Karla Quiz, has one of those Instagram accounts that you could lose hours in. Full of dreamy colors, inspiring design, and snippets of her life as a mother (with two daughters, France Fox and Fair James, and a new puppy, Lola Banana), wife, and business owner, this busy lady has a penchant for pattern and an eye for beauty. Her company, James Fox Co., combines both with functional yet comfy gowns made specially for new mamas and mamas-to-be. Karla's easy style, adorable littles, and love of great design has made her an Instagram tastemaker and a perfect choice for our newest Wallpaper Two Ways.

Hygge & West: What paper did you choose and why? Who is the person you imagine using each of the two spaces you've created here?

Karla Quisenberry: Carved Ogee is bold and playful. Whether you're a young woman pursuing NYC dreams, or a mama decorating your daughter's bedroom, it's the perfect canvas to play with.

H&W: We love that you've used some of our H&W favorites in your designs -Diamante in a bedroom and Nana in a bathroom. Can you tell us why you chose those patterns and colorways and what you think they add to the spaces they're in?

KQ: Diamante is a perfect combination of my two favorite qualities in my girls. It is both soft and bold, and the backdrop to my daughters' shared room. I picked the Turquoise color to help balance out a lot of the pink going on. We aren't afraid of blue, black, or anything traditionally seen as ‘boyish.' I just love this pattern! It’s girly, but with an unexpected twist.

Nana in Pink is just the pop that the bathroom needed. It evokes so much passion! Having it in a smaller space transforms the bathroom into something fun, refreshing, and hard to ignore... just like my girls!

H&W: Your business, James Fox Co., creates beautiful patterned gowns for new moms to wear in those early days of motherhood. In a sense, you're bringing hygge (the Danish word for 'cozy') to childbirth! What is it about pattern that you find beautiful and comforting?

KQ: I believe pattern and color in design should always somehow reflect the season of life I find myself in. The soft structure of the gown patterns comfort, while the colors of the fabric soothe and center. The comfort and beauty that is translated through these elements speak to the pure fragility and strength found in both new mother and baby.

H&W: Your girls are adorable and we love following their adventures on Instagram. How does having children influence the way you use pattern in your life, whether it's via home decor, your wardrobe, children's products, etc.?

KQ: Thank you! I've learned to loosen up and play! We experiment in our home a lot with color, texture, and pattern. I don't think that when you become a parent you need to sacrifice style in your home just because now you have kids around. I have learned that this ‘trial and error’ approach to design is the best way for me to bring style into my child-friendly space. You just have to figure out what works best for you and your family. :)

H&W: Comfort and coziness play a big role in your business, but how do you add hygge to your personal life?

KQ: Once it begins to get dark out, I love to ‘light’ all of the candles in our fireplace. *Disclaimer: They are electric, but man, do I love the cozy vibe they bring into our home. It's in that moment that I take a deep breath, and thank God for another day. More and more I am finding that for me, it's the little things that make me feel at home... 


Boho Chic: 1. Pillow | 2. Chair | 3. Hand plate | 4. Hamper

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