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Verve Coffee, Santa Cruz

April 25, 2016

Went to Santa Cruz for the weekend basically so I could hang out with our Nana (Pink) wallpaper, drink coffee and play with an extremely adorable dog at Verve Coffee. Not bad weekend planning, right?

The wallpaper looked amazing, the coffee tasted amazing.

This pup came along for the ride too. And, in case you don't know how I feel about cute dogs and pretty wallpaper together... Really good!

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All in the Family

April 22, 2016

You can currently find us drooling into the weekend over this Cosmic Desert (Gold) bathroom that Justina Blakeney's sister, Faith Blakeney, designed!

Eclectically fabulous taste clearly runs in the family! Thanks again, Faith!

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Wallpaper Two Ways With Elsie Larson

April 18, 2016

If you've ever read the wildly popular site, A Beautiful Mess (and if you haven't, stop everything and do it now!), or perused the color-happy ABM Instagram feed, then you know that founder and creative director Elsie Larson is not one to shy away from a bold statement. And that makes her our kind of girl!

From pom pom pillows to dip-dyed napkins, Elsie (along with Emma, Elsie's sister and ABM co-owner and editor) makes color and pattern accessible to everyone, while her contagious cheer and can-do attitude take the fear out of straying from all-white-everything. With her eye for great design and affinity for the bright and shiny, we knew she'd be the perfect person to style one Hygge & West wallpaper two ways. We love the results and we know you will too (um, hello, perfect doorbell!).

Hygge & West: What paper did you choose and why? 

Elsie Larson: I chose the Wood (Cream) paper designed by Askov Finlayson. It's so pretty and the perfect neutral texture to make a room more cozy and interesting, without being busy. I think it would be perfect for almost any room in the home.

H&W: Who is the person you imagine using each of the two spaces you've created here?

EL: I designed both spaces for two different sides of myself. I love Palm Springs and in my ultimate fantasy would call it home (maybe later on in life?). I adore the bright, happy aesthetic that is so proudly embraced in Palm Springs. I also designed one inspired by Nashville, the place I call home. There is definitely a more reserved, rustic style here. But that doesn't mean it has to be all barn wood, all the time! I love the fresh, cozy side of southern style... maybe a little Patsy Cline playing in the background?

Elsie and her sister, Emma.

H&W: You have an unmistakeable style that permeates everything you do with A Beautiful Mess. Tell us a little about your aesthetic and how you translate that into your home.

EL: Thank you! I design every room in our home for the life we want to live. It's very clear that some rooms are meant more for entertaining and some are meant for cozying up and relaxing. I am passionate about color (ALL color), but I believe that it's important to choose a cohesive color palette for each home because that makes it really easy to style an interesting, but not overwhelming space. 

If I had to describe my style in a sentence I would say, "1960s-inspired with an extra dose of cozy." At least that's what I always aim for! 

H&W: We love that you recently used Nana (Saffron) in a guest room! What made you choose this paper and what was the process like to design this room?

EL: After I initially decorated the guest room it was falling kind of flat. I feel like a guest room is a great opportunity to really push the boundaries of design because it's more like a hotel room, in a way, and not a room where we spend a ton of time daily. So, I took advantage of that perspective and decided to go all out. We papered all four walls in the Nana Saffron paper and it's just AMAZING. When you walk into the room it definitely makes a statement, but what I didn't expect is how much cozier and more complete it feels now. I have thought of myself as a "mostly all white walls" type person, but I'm re-thinking that now! 

H&W: 'Hygge' is a Danish word that loosely translates to 'cozy.' How do you find or create a hygge in your life?

EL: Bedtime (and morning) rituals are something I am very passionate about. We recently banned laptops from the bedroom and, wow, what a big difference! I make my own pillow mist from essential oils and have been working on my sleepy time playlist, my heart will go yawn

Creating a cozy home is a top priority, definitely above being stylish. I mean, it's almost always possible to do both... but if you HAVE to choose, always choose cozy.


Palm Springs: 1. Doorbell | 2. Chair | 3. Pillow | 4. Mirror

Nashville: 1. Rug | 2. Pouf | 3. Pillow | 4. Horseshoe

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Pineapple'd Stair Risers

April 13, 2016

Yep, we're basically floored by these stairs! (photo credit Genevieve Garruppo; in the apartment of Tze Chun, founder of Uprise Art in NYC)

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H&W at Sotheby's!

April 12, 2016

We're so delighted to be a part of Sotheby's Decorative Arts Week this week! If you happen to live in NYC, it looks to us from both a wallpaper and antique perspective that it's highly worth a visit! [Above is our Snow (Ebony); image via Sotheby's]

More info here. [Queen Anne (Robin's Egg) pictured]

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April 06, 2016

We've been pretty busy around here lately so it was extra nice to take a break and head to the Oscar de la Renta exhibit at the de Young. Here are few inspiration pics from the field trips...

Such amazing color. That pink!

Kaftan envy.

Anything gold lame feathered will do!

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Wallpaper Two Ways With Lynne Parker Designs

April 01, 2016

One of the most fascinating things about pattern is how the same one can invoke such drastically diverse feelings in different people. What says 'youthful and exuberant' to one may say 'sleek and paired down' to another. To us, how someone uses pattern provides insight into who they are, where they are in life, and how they view the world. That's why it's a constant thrill to see how our customers use our wallpaper - just when we think we've seen it all, someone comes along and totally catches us off guard with some new and exciting way to use Hygge & West patterns.

To gain a little insight into the wildly creative mind of interior designer Lynne Parker, we asked her to select one H&W wallpaper and style it two different ways. The results blew us away (we expected nothing less from Lynne!) and are inspiring us to maybe do a little redecorating of our own.

Hygge & West: What wallpaper did you choose and what two styles did you create with it?

Lynne Parker: I chose Terrence Payne's Knots in Gray, which is whimsical yet clean in this charcoal on white paper. In 'Classic & Inspiring,' this clean and open palette invites a whimsical chance to bring in a little personality, while black Eames chairs keep the space timeless. Touches of gold finish it and a black vintage 1950’s Italian Chandelier ensure that it’s approachable. Trina Turk pops of color in pillows bring in just the right pazazz! In 'Grounded & Flirty,' I used a clean palette with welcoming pops. This style is grounded in tradition but the wallpaper and touches of blush flirt and tease you to smile! A widely known symbol of hospitality welcoming you and your guests, the pineapple pillow is a sassy touch.

Petal Pusher (Gold)

H&W: How do you think different geographies affect design, and specifically the use of pattern? What locations or cultures do pattern the best and why?

LP: I believe it’s not just physical location that affects design, but it’s also cultural influence combined with time that leaves indelible marks on pattern. Geography has a powerful voice as well in that it drives some practical aspects like physical make up or color of materials used with patterns. However, the place in time for a culture is powerful. Take for example, Dutch design. The Dutch are well-known explorers and travelers and their early designs were reflective of their well-traveled experiences. Delft Design is a direct reflection of the time they spent in the Far East. As time moved forward, the Dutch exposure to lands far and wide influenced the speed in which they evolved. That constant stimulation of new environments fostered a curious culture. That curiosity built the foundation for their unique and groundbreaking designs. This well-traveled culture also opened its mind to new ideals and this gave them the freedom to sometimes abandon what was expected of them.

Another example, take a culturally rich and traditional society like Morocco. Pattern is greatly influenced by history and locale. Staying true and consistent to its past and heritage, Moroccan design is quintessential to its rich, colorful, diverse past. Geometrical shapes, hand-crafted carvings, exotic and majestic architecture are powerful symbols of Moroccan pattern which is kept current and relevant by handing down through generations to maintain tradition.

I believe that literally every culture does pattern well - it just depends on where I want to use that pattern and for what client I have in mind.

Carved Ogee (Gold)

H&W: What’s your personal approach to pattern in the spaces you design? Any dos, don'ts, tips, or tricks you can share?

LP: I keep large foundational pieces flowing from neutral solids but love to bring in pattern in smaller pieces like chairs, accessories, and of course wallpaper. I often tell clients with purchases that are longer living in nature like a sofa (which you might have in your collection for 15-20 years depending on the quality) to choose something at the highest price point you can afford and stick to neutrals (whites, creams, blues, grays, blacks, taupe, and tweed versions of those - sometimes a red/orange would work too) and then bring in the fun on other pieces especially if a client is just starting a new collection of furniture or is replacing a lot of pieces. This also applies to clients who are just furnishing their first or second place.

Daydream (Gray)

H&W: 'Hygge' is a Danish word that loosely translates to 'cozy'. How do you find or create a little hygge in your life, whether it's something physical, like a comfy nook at home, or a feeling, like being around good friends in a favorite restaurant?

LP: I love the word cozy and what it implies - warm, inviting, wanna stay a while - and that feeling translates most naturally with friends and loved ones but can be enhanced and accentuated by a space. I think that lighting plays a vital role in creating a cozy feeling. At night and during winter, lots of well-placed candles, lamps on dimmers to create a glow, comfy throws, and an inviting spirit can make people want to linger and enjoy each other’s company. 

 Otomi (Red)


Classic & inspiring: 1. Chandelier | 2. Eames chair | 3. Trina Turk pillow | 4. Trina Turk pillow

Grounded & flirty: 1. Sconces | 2. Mirror | 3. Animal print pillow | 4. Pineapple pillow | 5. Chair

Photos courtesy of Lynne Parker Designs

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