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Behind the Scenes: Heath Ceramics Collection

June 24, 2016

How do Hygge & West patterns come to be? This is a question we hear a lot, and while every collection is different, we thought we'd share a peek into what inspired our newest designs with Heath Ceramics

Heath Ceramics is a iconic California brand with a name that's synonymous with gorgeous, top-of-the-line tile and ceramics. Endlessly inspired by the shapes, colors, and designs of their tiles, we teamed up with Heath to see if we could translate their 3D aesthetic into a 2D form. And we quickly learned that our inkling was correct: tile and wallpaper are a match made in heaven. Below, a little of what inspired the Heath designers and a look at our insanely fun photo shoot with the entire team:

What inspires the Heath design team?

"We're inspired by someone who is a master at their craft or profession. We're inspired by seeing art, architecture, everyday objects from the present and past of all cultures and by new things that shake up our perspective. And we're all inspired by the work that has been done before us here at Heath."

What does hygge mean to Heath?

"We find hygge from our pets! From sweet cats that follow us around to 180 pounds of furry Newfoundland laziness... and anything that enables us to spend more quality time with them."

What are some of your most joyful moments?

"Some of our most memorable small moments are when we solve a design problem in a way that feels right, like the moment when we realized that for our designs to feel 'Heath' we needed to close the computer and pick up a paintbrush or pencil. That was absolutely perfect."

What was Heath's process?

"The wallpaper [with Hygge & West] incorporates many of the values we hold dear in design at Heath. We designed the wallpaper with the big picture in mind: through our experience in designing and making Heath tile, we’ve learned a lot about how color, scale, pattern and texture work together to enrich and even form the foundation for the design of a room."

What was Heath's wallpaper vision?

"From our signature clean graphical style (playing with some of the shapes and geometries we’re familiar with in designing tile patterns and letting new geometries reveal themselves), to our strong yet muted color palette (inspired by our glazes), and commitment to handcrafting borne out in our very hand-intensive design exploration process – which included cut paper, brushes, paints … but not computers – and hand-drawn lines throughout the collection, the final designs very much retain their character of play, exploration and discovery."

Working with Heath was an eye-opening experience for us. Getting to see, firsthand, how some of the most talented designers in the business work and what inspires them in their process - it inspired us, too. And experiencing the collection come to life during our photo shoot got us thinking...

About our favorite part of the shoot process:

Aimee Lagos: It was really great to shoot at Heath’s studio in San Francisco. We usually shoot in our photographer’s studio, so it was fun to be “on location” and it was also great to have access to all the incredible stuff in their shop for props! We could have probably done twice as many photos as we did because there were so many beautiful items at our disposal. 

Christiana Coop: Same! It was really fun to be on location and have such easy access to so many gorgeous props to play around with!

About what makes this collection different from others we've worked on:

AL: We’re used to working with single designers so it was different to work with an entire team from Heath. It was really interesting to get insight into their design process. 

CC: Because it was inspired by their tiles, it has a much more unisex feel than most of our other patterns. The colors were also inspired by their glazes and feel really unique to the collection – muted, but still making a statement.

About which pattern surprised us the most:

AL: For me it would be Slice (Mist) which I wasn’t completely sold on because I’m not a huge pink fan. But the final product is just gorgeous and I’m already trying to figure out where I can use that paper. It’s always fun to see how papers come to life after looking at paint and pantone chips as well as images on monitors for weeks (or months) on end. Opening a new batch of strike offs and seeing the papers in person for the first time is one of my favorite things!

CC: I’ve been encouraging any friend who will listen to me to put up some Strike. At first I thought it felt a bit too simple (as I tend to lean towards as much pattern as possible), but I just really love how it looks on a wall and the hand drawn lines – all the colorways too are so cool and I can’t wait to see people start putting it up in their homes.


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Daydreaming of St. Moritz

June 23, 2016

How about this room with a view??

Yes, I am currently planning my next vacation straight to this hotel in St. Moritz!


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ICFF: After

June 22, 2016

The moment we waited for... Aimee busted out her ukulele while we waited to load out our things. Every trade show should end with a live performance!

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Flock and Snow

June 20, 2016

Our fabulous entrepreneurial friends, Kris and Michelle, just opened up a gorgeous creative co-working space in Minneapolis called Flock.

For anyone looking for a fun, inspiring, and beautifully designed space to work, we couldn't recommend this more.

There's also some pretty amazing Snow wallpaper involved - just sayin'!

Congratulations ladies! We're so excited for you!


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Calvin's Diamante Nursery

June 15, 2016


We could not be more in love with this nursery designed by J & J Design Group.

Incorporating the unexpected Diamante pattern into the space gives is such lovely energy!

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NEW: Heath Ceramics for Hygge & West!

June 13, 2016

We're thrilled to be launching our new wallpaper collection today! Designed in collaboration with Heath Ceramics, it features 4 tile-inspired patterns in 4 colorways each!




And Arcade! Happy wallpapering!

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Pattern Players: Chloe Warner of Redmond Aldrich

June 10, 2016

Sophisticated, yet edgy. Classic, but with a modern twist. Interior designer Chloe Warner of Redmond Aldrich creates spaces that have the glam of interior design magazines, but feel cozy, lived in, and totally effortless. Her designs are what we all aim for in our own homes, but so few of us can actually achieve. 

What we love most about Chloe's interiors is her mastery of pattern. She knows when a room is begging for a mega dose of pattern... and when it's not. With an eye for balance, Chloe makes bold patterns feel restrained, and subtle patterns feel powerful, and the results are always perfection. We caught up with our pattern-playing spirit animal to chat about process, post-Lemonde Beyonce, and of course, pattern.

Hygge & West: Tell us a little bit about your background and how you ended up working in interior design.

Chloe Warner: I went to architecture school at Harvard, and noticed very early in the process that I was more thrilled by color and pattern than most of my peers. I knew I would end up working as an interior designer, but I’m grateful every day for my formal training and ability and love of drafting.

H&W: Your interiors are an endless source of inspiration and daydreaming. How would you describe your aesthetic and what inspires it?

CW: 'Modern bohemian' is a term that describes almost every project we do. We always use modern pieces, we always use vintage, we always use color, and we almost always use pattern. I’m inspired by glamorous mid-century style (Albert Hadley, Hitchcock films), by the stone yard, by my chic, chic friends, by fashion, by graphic design, and by other designers always.

H&W: Do you go into a new project with an idea in mind, or do you let the space guide your designs? Tell us a little bit about your process.

CW: My instincts are strong and quick, and I’m always trying to balance the modern with the vintage, the masculine with the feminine, and my enthusiasms with what I think my client will love. I start with palettes - wallpaper, fabrics, paint swatches - and that sets up the aesthetic for the room. From there we go on to select specific furniture.

1. Etagere | 2. Cobalt rug | 3. Arabesque rug | 4. Chandelier | 5. Art | 6. Chaise | 7. Garden stool          8. Console | 9. Lamps

H&W: Moons Ebony is one of our favorite new patterns and we can envision it being used in so many ways. How did you approach your mood board built around it? How do you picture this pattern being used - in what room, with what accessories/elements, paired with other patterns, etc.?

CW: I designed a library using the colors from the wallpaper as my inspiration.  I wanted to take it in a grown-up direction, as opposed to a nursery, where I can definitely imagine it, but I thought it would be fun to use it as paper inside this classic wood bookshelf, where it would twinkle and add ambiance without dominating or being overly whimsical. My vision is to layer the cobalt rug over the sisal, and I would set up those Marbro lamps on either side of the black iron console.  Hard to say exactly what would go where for an imaginary room, but I can imagine all these elements working together!

H&W: We love the way you use pattern in your spaces - sometimes subtly, sometimes boldly. What are your tips and tricks for adding pattern into a home?

CW: I think it’s important not to let any one pattern do all the work. Otherwise it will become fatigued or invisible or tiring to the people who live there. Having a floral, a geometric, something with a huge scale, something with a small scale, and a wild-card is a great formula that keeps any arrangement from becoming static or dominant.

H&W: Wallpaper plays a big role in many of your projects. What is it that you love about wallpaper and in what ways do you think it transforms a space?

CW: Aaak! I just said I try not to let anything dominate. Am I deluding myself? Any who… I do love wallpaper. So much. It gives you so much power and control to be able to choose a pattern for the walls, and I’m not a psychologist but instinctively I know there are papers that make a space cozy, calm, sexy, intimidating, expensive, innocent, confident, ridiculous. I love it all.

H&W: Your Oakland, CA, home is absolutely gorgeous! How do you approach designing for yourself differently than designing for clients, if at all?

CW: It’s much faster, because my husband gives quick approvals. But other than that, it’s identical. I decide everything before I buy a single thing, and then I just chip away. When we first moved I was paralyzed by the possibilities of a new house, and I wasn’t able to get excited about anything because it all seemed so daunting. The happiest thing happened when I created a palette for a client that I loved so much I ended up repurposing the entire thing for myself. It is so nice to work for people who channel your best/ideal self.

H&W: 'Hygge' is a Danish word that loosely translates to 'cozy.' Where and how do you find hygge in your life, whether it's something physical, like a comfy nook in your home, or something more emotional, like being surrounded by friends in a favorite restaurant?

CW: I experienced the most profound cozy sensation recently when I purchased a heated bench from Galanter & JonesIt was January, I was outside in the dark evening curled up with my kids under a blanket eating Nigella’s chocolate cake with whipped cream, and it just hit me: life is wonderful.

H&W: If you could create your dream cocktail party invite list, who would be on it - real or fictional, dead or alive?

CW: That couple from Catastrophe, post-Lemonade Beyonce, the entire cast from the original Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, the ladies from Broad City, Ilse Crawford, and the authors of Perfume: The A-Z Guide. It seems unlikely but they are hilarious and as aesthetically pure as Ilse.

Photos by Laure Joliet

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