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Get Bloomed!

January 18, 2017

A friend recently mentioned that she'd received a floral arrangement from Bloom That with our wallpaper. So, OF COURSE, we had to get one for ourselves.

Isn't it gorgeous?

They were kind enough to send us an extra bouquet as a thank you and, well, we couldn't love it more. It really is surprising how a freshly delivered flowers can quickly change one's mood for the better. Wallpaper too ;)

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New Year Hygge

January 13, 2017

Got the new year itch and have been mixing things up a tad (when I'm not trying to keep my resolutions to cook more). Here are a couple pics from H&W SF headquarters. It's very heavy on the black/gold [in the form of Diamante (Gold) and Serengeti (Ebony)], plus red combo, just noticed :)

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Hygge on Homepolish

January 12, 2017

So fun to run across this write up on Homepolish - thank you!

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H&W x CB2

January 05, 2017

Hooray, it's springtime at CB2, which means our two new wallpapers created exclusively for them launched today.

And, not for nothing, they are looking good! Fun day at H&W!


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January 04, 2017

It's time for look back at our most popular Instagrams of 2016!

1. Sweet baby Moe poses with some Pineapples.

2. Some seriously good pattern matching (via @shoplikeadesigner)

3. Mikko can't wait for Christmas!

4. Forest Floor on the ceiling perfection (via @maxwellgrayinteriors)

5. Rosa filled stairs (via @sarybfox)

6. Pure Cosmic Desert magic (via @sarahstaceyinteriordesign)

7. Quilt (Celadon) and copper combo doesn't get any better (via @decorotation)

8. Peonies (Copper) details! (via @arifuchs)

9. Justina Blakeney brings the green with some Nana (Pink) wallpaper (via @thejungalow)

Looking forward to posting lots more pattern this year - please follow along, if you'd like!


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Happy 2017!

December 30, 2016

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Wallpapered Presents

December 19, 2016

I've been using some leftover wallpaper to wrap presents this year!

And now I'm left wondering why we don't make wrapping paper...

Maybe next year!

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