Here's some updates from what's happening over on our Instagram account (@hyggeandwest). Above, a blast from the past - one of our very first wallpapers from our launch collection with the lovely Julia Rothman.

Fast forward seven years to a sneak peek from our upcoming new collection with Julia! We can't wait to show you the rest...

Our Talavera wallpaper in Blue Apron's offices! We love this company - if you haven't heard of them, you should check them out. (photo via Casey Dubois - who has an AMAZING apartment)

And this gorgeous Queen Anne (Ebony) installation in Portland's Dapper & Wise. Love.

Speaking of Instagram, Christiana and I both have accounts now where you can follow our non-wallpaper related adventures in living hygge - @christiana_hyggeandwest and @aimee_hyggeandwest. Christiana's in Australia now, and I'll be in Japan in May so we'll have lots of fun things to share!

Matching Door


One of the things that we love about our removable wallpaper tiles is that they are really versatile - even just a single tile can add a lot of impact.

Last time Christiana was here, she spruced up our staircase using our Raindrops (Blue/Gray) tiles and we just love how it turned out. As you can see in this photo, we also have a cute little arched door on the steps. It's really quirky and architectural and is one of the first things we fell in love with when we saw the house.

So, I started thinking that our little door could use some love as well. It was super easy and quick - I just measured the panels that I wanted to cover, cut up a tile, and...

Voila! Now our entire stairway has some wallpapered flair to it! It looks so great, I'm considering doing the entire wall behind the stairs just to finish it off...

Peonies: Before and After

It's a Peonies (Copper) before and after in my friend's guest room.

Here's the before. I tried to make it even more dramatic by adding in some laundry.


Also, during. I thought I'd leave a secret message on the wall for my friends. On the off change they have to move and take down the wallpaper, they'll be sure to remember who was a such a nice and generous person to help them hang their wallpaper ;)

After. So good!

Half the wall, half the time! Just something to be aware of...

This is the view when you walk in from the garage to go up the stairs. So fun!

Seahorse Before & After

Actually let's start with the after, because it is more fun!

Here's the before...

Here's another before.

The after!

And another after. Let's pretend I was put more nicely together before. True story, I helped my friend hang this in her kids' bathroom because sometimes it is good to quality control our products and/or because I have a wallpaper addiction. The good news is we all love how it turned out. Basically, though I took this picture to show you how pretty my iphone cover is (Rifle Paper Co. kills it!). We have two rolls of Seahorse (Coral) wallpaper left. Hurry, hurry!

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