Happy Halloween

Other than dealing with a second wallpaper warehouse move in the past two months (our big apologies again if your order has been affected by this...), I've been carving pumpkins with my little nephews and trying to stay warm in CO.

I've also been eating more pepperoni pizza and gummy bears than anyone my age should. I eat it all for love.

Happy Halloween from Hygge & West!

We're at the Romney's

Words I'd never imagined stringing together, and yet...

There's our Daydream wallpaper looking oh so pretty in the guest bathroom of Mitt Romney's son, Craig.

What a lovely kitchen too! And did you notice that slide in the first photo? You really ought to read the whole article here.

Bright and Daydreamy

We just received a link to this blog post about a nursery designed by Bright Interiors in Sydney, Australia. It was created for one of the designer's daughter. We, of course, think it is beautiful. We ALWAYS love seeing how creative people use our wallpapers.

So cute! What a lucky little girl :)

Guest Otomi

A happy customer just sent us this photo of her remodeled guest bathroom. We, of course, love it! She paired our Otomi wallpaper in Red (one of our favorites) with some beautiful gray cabinetry and tile. It is always a highlight to see our wallpaper installed and looking so good. Thank you, Carolyn!

Sneak Peek: Laundry Collection

We finished up a photo shoot for our new collection of modern Mexico-inspired patterns in collaboration with Laundry last week, and I just thought I'd share a little sneak peek of my very favorite pattern. Also, check out that plate placement. It is a hard job, but someone has to do it. Can't wait to share the rest in early November!

Design Week Portland

Design Week Portland is this week, if you're lucky enough to be in Portland...

We're one of the sponsors for the Domestic event by Made & State, which basically means... wallpaper in the house! Read more about it here.