We had some cool features in a couple BH&G special feature magazines recently!

First up, our Petal Pusher in gold was used to create a lovely accent wall...

So cute!

We're also big fans of wallpapered panels.

Especially in our Stones Throw Away wallpaper!

And, we loved seeing our removable tiles featured. Insta-pattern? Indeed.

Checkered Moon

One of our retail partners, Checkered Moon, in Illinois, just used our Knots wallpaper in their showroom. Doesn't is look so good? I've been trying not to over do it with all the Thanksgiving sales, but this is making me want to shop even more! Especially for a leather moto jacket. Argh.

The Dog Days of Thanksgiving

I'm at Aimee's in Minneapolis this week doing some business stuff and basically hanging around trying to stay warm. I mostly work in their guest room, which pretty much involves a lap top and between 1-3 dogs. It is the best. Above, Winter poses with our first wallpaper, Pieces, designed by Julia Rothman.

Sleeping dogs make me happy. Happy Thanksgiving!!