Weekend Hygge

My weekend will mostly involve getting ready to leave for NYC on Monday! We'll be showing our wallpapers at the Architectural Digest Home Design Show, and I really had absolutely no idea about all the work that would be required to do this. So, yep, there's a lot of last minute stuff to do.

I will squeeze in some fun by meeting up with old friends at one of my favorite places in the city.

And by sitting outside on my little patio reading design magazines, contemplating growing tomatoes and enjoying this crazy SF sunshine.


Happy Weekend!

Weekend Hygge

Here's what we're doing this weekend. 1 | Hoping to sneak away and catch the newest Wes Anderson flick, which will probably provide some awesome wallpaper inspiration. 2 | Just finished reading Submergence, and will be thinking about the end all weekend. 3 | Needing a dose of my favorite LA restaurant, Gjelina, so will make the kale salad and imagine it's warm outside. 4 | Since it's still so cold here in MN, will throw on my new wool socks and root for a speedy spring thaw! Enjoy your weekend!

Wallpaper +3: Ballet Tile in Blue, Part 2

I'm picturing our Ballet tiles in blue in an entryway, most likely because that's exactly how I use them (see below). I'd love to add a bit more color to my hallway though in the form of a bright coat rack and some kind of to die for chandelier wouldn't hurt either!

1: chair | 2: chandelier | 3: coat tree

Yes, I just wallpaper the rest of my bedroom in Diamante pattern that I am, in truest sense, obsessed with. Yes, I'm going to switch out the light plate. Yes, getting my rental deposit back is less and less likely going to happen...