Behind the Scenes: New Collection Sneak Peek

Summer Collection | Wildflower Bedding in White | Hygge & West

We've almost recovered from our week-long product photo shoot a couple weeks ago in Minneapolis and wanted to share some behind the scenes. We're so very excited about this new collection and can't wait to launch it next month. Might as well kick it off with one of the most exciting moments on set—studio doggies in bed with Wildflower (White) Bedding!

Summer Collection | Photo Shoot | Hygge & West

If it looks like Christiana couldn't contain her excitement, it's because... she couldn't.

Summer Collection | Wildflower Bedding Photo Shoot | Hygge & West

Such talented dogs! Such pretty bedding! Does it get any better than pups and pattern?

Summer Collection | Wildflower Bedding in Emerald | Hygge & West

So. Much. Ironing.

Summer Collection | Andanza Navy | Hygge & West

We love the crew at our photo studio. Here they are putting together the Andanza (Navy) bedding shot. It truly takes a village!

Summer Collection | Andanza (Navy) Room image | Hygge & West

Working all the angles...

Summer Collection | Andanza (Navy) Room image final | Hygge & West

Here's the after shot on screen. We can't wait to share the final image! Not to play favorites, but we all loved it!

Summer Collection | Bloom Bluebell Detail | Hygge & West

Summer Collection | Bloom (Bluebell) Detail image | Hygge & West

Getting a detail shot of our Bloom (Bluebell) bedding. Focus. Always.

Summer Collection | Stardust Ceiling | Hygge & West

Here's our crew raising the roof on a shot we created for our Stardust pattern that we think will be perfect for a ceiling installation. Who would't want to fall asleep beneath a starry sky?

Summer Collection | Stardust Room | Hygge & West

And this was also a set up for the same twinkly pattern. We can't wait to share more soon, so stay tuned!

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