Founders' Favorites: Aimee and Christiana's Pattern Picks and Tricks

With 13 years in the wallpaper business, H&W co-founders Aimee Lagos and Christiana Coop have learned a thing or two. Keep reading for their favorite pattern tips, tricks, and must-have picks!

Canopy wallpaper mural in Delft Blue by Lisel Jane Ashlock for Hygge & West


“This paper is unexpected and untraditional, with just a pop of gorgeous, detailed pattern at the top. The monochrome blue feels fun and a bit surreal, like you’re living in a piece of Delft china.” - Aimee

Aimee's Pro Tip: Paper All Four Walls

A room wrapped in pattern is so luxurious. People worry that doing all four walls will be “too much,” but often the opposite is true. An accent wall is just that—it draws the eye to that one wall. When you paper a whole room, it creates a cohesive layer for the rest of the decor.

Forest Floor wallpaper in Ebony by Pattern Players for Hygge & West


“I’ve always loved the depth in this pattern and how the metallic gold subtly shifts in the light. This wallpaper is perfect for creating moody walls or a mesmerizing ceiling.” - Christiana

Christiana's Pro Tip: Go Beyond Walls

I live for pattern in unexpected places, like ceilings, closets, cabinets, shelves, and stair risers. I also love it in bathrooms or other rooms where you typically keep the door closed, so that the pattern pops out at you when you walk into the space.

Plumes wallpaper in Natural by Coral & Tusk for Hygge & West


“Bringing this collection to life took almost two years because it was so difficult to create a screen-printed product that had the feel of embroidery. The final result has a beautiful flow to it and each motif is truly a little work of art.” - Aimee

Aimee's Pro Tip: Color Matters

Smaller scales in monochromatic colors feel textural and soothing, while smaller scales in contrasting colors add impact and energy. Conventional rules dictate that you shouldn’t use larger scales in small spaces, but often they open up a room and make the ceilings feel higher.

Andanza wallpaper in Blush by Laundry Studio for Hygge & West


“This pattern is so delicate, yet the large scale makes it feel modern. It’s my go-to pattern (as bedding, shower curtains, or wallpaper) for any space that could benefit from a quiet, textural element. It pairs perfectly with so many of our bolder patterns.” - Christiana

Christiana's Pro Tip: Think Small

You can never go wrong with pattern in small spaces. Bathrooms, closets, nooks, and other areas of the home with a tiny footprint turn into little jewel boxes when covered with pattern. Small spaces are the perfect place to go big!

Snow wallpaper in Ebony by Askov Finlayson for Hygge & West


“With two different opacities of our silver ink, this pattern has a lot of movement and an almost 3-D feel. I love how light moves and shimmers across this pattern in the most beautiful way.” - Aimee

Aimee's Pro Tip: Consider Distance

Something small, delicate, and detailed is wasted in a dining room, for instance, where you’re rarely close enough to experience the artfulness of the wallpaper. If you use a larger scale in a small space, like a powder room, sometimes you don’t get the totality of the design from that close.

Evil Eye wallpaper in Mist by Coral & Tusk for Hygge & West


“With its soothing, soft color palette and eyes that glitter and glisten just ever so slightly, this pattern is truly magical.” - Christiana

Christiana's Pro Tip: Scale Changes Everything

Small-scale wallpapers feel textural and won’t overpower other elements; larger scales create show-stopping spaces. Consider the height of your room—large-scale patterns look best on walls that are at least twice the height of the pattern repeat.

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