Get to know Naomi Otsu: The talented artist behind New York, New York!

New York, New York Wallpaper | Naomi Otsu + Hygge & West

Step into the uplifting world of Naomi Otsu, the oh-so-talented artist behind our New York, New York wallpaper. A New Yorker herself, Naomi perfectly translated the delightful details of life there in this playful pattern. Inspired by the way nature and the New York coexist together, Naomi's love of brownstones adorned with creeping ivy was the starting point for the entire design. In our interview below, we chat with Naomi about her artistic process and charming city moments that were captured in the vignettes of the pattern.

New York, New York Wallpaper | Naomi Otsu + Hygge & West

Tell us a bit about your background?

I was born and raised in New York until I was 8, and moved to Tokyo, Japan for 10 years. I remember vowing to come back to New York the moment I left it - I've been here for 18 years since.

New York, New York Wallpaper | Naomi Otsu + Hygge & West

How would you describe your artistic style/aesthetic?

My style oscillates between super dense to sometimes working with minimal clean lines, but always with a hand done feel. I love color, so I always try to work with interesting palettes no matter where I land.

New York, New York Wallpaper | Naomi Otsu + Hygge & West

Tell us about where you live and how it influences your work.

I've lived in Brooklyn for around 14 years now. The daily unique encounters I have in the city, the people, the nature that grows within all inspire me on a daily basis.

New York, New York Wallpaper | Naomi Otsu + Hygge & West

What was your design process like for this pattern?

I always imagine what I would want in a room, especially living in New York - I think plant/botanical based wallpaper to be a great way to bring some of nature's beauty into the home without having to purchase plants and deal with their upkeep, so that was my starting point. From there I made a list of scenes/memories that I wanted to depict, some maybe more specific to native New Yorkers, others more familiar scenes that you'd see in the movies. From far away maybe you wouldn't see this as a New York specific wallpaper - it's a quiet nod to the city I love.

New York, New York Wallpaper | Naomi Otsu + Hygge & West

Where do you envision this wallpaper being used?

My first thought was the bathroom, a lot of New Yorkers don't have windows in their bathrooms, and like I mentioned earlier, this would be a great way to bring some "green" into a space. I also see this working in a bedroom or quieter places in the house.

Hygge is all about coziness and savouring life's simple pleasures. What does hygge mean to you, and how do you embrace it in your own life?

From a young age I was always moving around furniture, making sure it felt and looked right to me but also making sure the space served the purpose it was intended for. Hygge for me is a warm space where I would want to be no matter if I was alone or with company - making sure there's good seating, calming colors and always warm lighting.

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