In the Mood for Wallpaper + Tile

Wallpaper + Tile Moodboards | Angelina Coral

We love these wallpaper and tile pairings created by Mercury Mosaics. If Aimee hadn't just redone her kitchen and bathrooms or if Christiana didn't rent, you can believe we've be incorporating these ideas into our own spaces! First up is our favorite pretty in pink pairing: Angelina (Coral) + Assorted Tile shapes - 309E Grapefruit.

Wallpaper + Tile Pairings | Florebela (Coral)

For a whimsical, welcoming space: Florebela (Coral) + 2"x4" Subway Tile - 45W My Blue Heaven.

Wallpaper + Tile Pairings | Bloom (Marigold)

Create a warm, rustic vibe with Bloom (Marigold) + Large & Regular Craftsman Squares - 112 Saddle Clove.

Wallpaper + Tile Moodboard | Foret (Teal)

Looking for jewel tones? Look no further: Foret (Teal) + Medium Diamonds - 29E Lake Superior.

Palma (Deep Green) | Wallpaper + Tiles Pairing

Go deep into the greens for a space that envelops: Palma (Deep Green) + Large Hexagons and Medium Diamonds - 47 Vermont Pine. Large Hexagons and Medium Diamonds - 47 Vermont Pine.

Storyline (Mist) | Wallpaper + Tiles Pairings

Feeling playful? Try this can't-beat combo: Storyline (Mist) + Regular Penny Rounds - 130.

Read more details and see more inspiration here. Thanks again, Mercury Mosaics!

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