Pro Inspiration: Some of our Favorite Wallpaper Installations by Some of our Favorite Interior Designers

Slice (Charcoal) wallpaper in a home office | Hygge & West

Photo by XYZ Photography | Design by Cindy Krauklis

We've rounded up a range of inspiring wallpaper installations from our talented interior design customers. From entryway and bathroom accents all the way up to the ceiling, take a page out of their playbook for professional results.

Piedmont (Taupe) wallpapeer | welcoming entryway | designed by Samantha Pappas | Hygge & West
Photo credit: Samantha Pappas

Designer: Samantha Pappas of Samantha Pappas Design

Design considerations: Piedmont (Taupe) balances a calming feeling with cheerfulness and whimsy in this welcoming entry. The neutral wallpaper was juxtaposed with a boldly framed mirror to create a uniquely inviting space.

Ahoy (Navy) Wallpaper | Childrens Room | Designed by Elizabeth Hay | Hygge & West

Photo credit: Elizabeth Hay Design

Designer: Elizabeth Hay of Elizabeth Hay Design

Design considerations: On the search for a nautical pattern for this space, Elizabeth landed on Ahoy! (Navy). “This feels quite grown-up, while still feeling appropriate for a little boy’s room. I also loved the whale tails!”

Slice (Charcoal) wallpaper | home office | designed by Cindy Krauklis | Hygge & West

Photo by XYZ Photography | Design by Cindy Krauklis

Designer: Cindy Krauklis of Cindy Krauklis Interiors

Design considerations: Wanting a fun yet sophisticated geometric pattern, Cindy gravitated to the lines in Slice (Charcoal). "It reminds me of a stained glass window. I chose the charcoal colorway with the off-white background to contrast the dark gray wainscotting. This wallpaper turned out perfect for the office!"

Underwater World (Graphite) wallpaper | kids bathroom | designed by JKath Design and Build | Hygge & West

Photo by Spacecrafting Photography | Design by J Kath Design Build

Designer: Katie Kath of JKath Design Build

Design Considerations: After pitching Underwater World (Graphite) to a few clients, Katie decided they needed this pattern in their own home. "We have a love for the ocean and have gone to Cannon Beach, Oregon, every summer for the past 10 years. This bathroom is largely inspired by West Coast vibes - calm, clean and playful enough for our 13-year old daughter. Underwater World is the perfect hint of playfulness while not overstating this bathroom space."

Quill (Cadet) wallpaper | primary bathroom | designed by Chelsea Newton | Hygge & West

Photo via Chelsea Newton

Designer: Chelsea Newton of Chelsea Lauren Interiors

Design considerations: Chelsea used Quill (Cadet) in a primary bathroom because of its whimsical pattern and the pop of color it would bring to the space. “I love that at first glance it looks like a simple, geometric pattern, but upon closer inspection you see that it is made up of these beautiful feathers.”

Angelina (Coral) wallpaper | on a living room ceiling | designed by Alicia Hassen | Hygge & West

Photo via Alicia Hassen

Designer: Alicia Hassen of Brooklinteriors

Design considerations: When converting her client's second bedroom to an entertainment space, Alicia's vision was to create a moody, art deco inspired lounge that evoked opulence and playfulness. "Stylistically, the elegant pattern of Angelina (Coral) was the perfect fit and, when placed on the former flat white ceiling, would make the most impact while maintaining the space's sense of coziness and relaxation."

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