H&W Co-Founder Christiana Coop Uses our Heath Collection in Two Unexpected Ways

Wallpaper Two Ways: Christiana x Heath

Last week, we decided to do things a little differently for Wallpaper Two Ways - a blog series where we ask our talented designer friends to style two different looks around a single H&W pattern. For the launch of our new Heath collection, however, we just couldn't wait to create our very own Heath-inspired mood boards! Check out Aimee's post from last week, then keep reading to see what paper Christiana chose, how she uses hygge to guide her life decisions, and more.

Wallpaper Two Ways: Christiana x Heath

Hygge & West: What paper did you choose and why?

Christiana Coop: Arcade (Cayenne). I’m not usually a fan of any color that touches into the orange family, but I fell in love with this wallpaper immediately. It just feels so cheerful to me and gives off such a happy energy.

H&W: Who is the person you imagine using each of the two spaces you've created here?

CC: I envision people being drawn to this pattern who are playful and energetic. I think it would really liven up a kitchen and make that room feel even more special. And, I’ve read that the color red makes people hungry so what better room for it? Because it creates such exuberance, I also think it would work perfectly in a kid’s playroom.

H&W: You've worked with some of the most talented designers to create the Hygge & West collections. If you were to have your own H&W collection, what would the first pattern you design look like?

Wallpaper Two Ways: Christiana x Heath

CC: It would be inspired by this Cartier necklace.

H&W: What's your favorite - perhaps unexpected - place or way to use H&W pattern in your own home or personal life?

CC: I love wallpapering small, hidden spaces like closets and bathrooms, that you don’t see all the time and then when you open the door and the pattern hits you it puts a big smile on your face. It’s pretty well known among my friends that I love wallpapering any flat surface I can find anywhere… so the sky is the limit for me. The more pattern the better!

Wallpaper Two Ways: Christiana x Heath

H&W: As you clearly know, 'hygge' is a Danish word that loosely translates to 'cozy'. What is it about this concept that inspired you to build a brand around it? What's your favorite hygge in your world?

CC: We stumbled upon the word 'hygge' at a time when we were going through a lot of transition in our lives and it really resonated with me. I remember specifically making decisions by asking myself if they would bring more or less hygge into my life. It actually works really well as a guide when you can’t make up your mind: “Will doing such and such bring me more coziness and comfort?” At the moment, it’s drinking a delicious cup of coffee while snuggling with a sweet dog in bed. There’s no cozier way to start the day.


Kitchen: 1. Bunny container | 2. Pendant | 3. Table | 4. Chair

Playroom: 1. Pendant | 2. Rocking sheep | 3. Rug | 4. Lounger

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