Bathed in Pattern: Our Favorite Full Bathrooms Roundup

Favorite Full Bathrooms Roundup | Hygge & West

We're firm believers in pattern everywhere—an ethos that, we feel, works wonders for the soul. So when it comes to places that are perfect for pattern, the bathroom just might be at the very top of our list. What better way to begin and end the day? Here are a few of our (many) favorite full bathroom wallpaper installations to inspire your own bathroom pattern playing.

Otomi Turquoise wallpaper | Emily Isabella | Favorite Full Bathrooms Roundup | Hygge & West

Otomi (Turquoise): A pop of happy color and bold pattern? Check. The most inviting soaking tub complete with a view? Check. A touch of greenery to bring the outdoors in? Check! This cheerful bathroom is the best place to start your day off on the right foot. Image via @shaunaglenn

Mermaids Red Coral wallpaper | Dinara Mirtalipova | Hygge & West

Mermaids (Red Coral): With its folksy, seafaring motif of mermaids, ships, and octopuses (oh my!), this pattern was practically made for the bathroom. The coral red and navy colorway only doubles down on its nautical nature. Image via @mollygriggsinteriors

Pineapple Ebony wallpaper | Rifle Paper Co. | Hygge & West

Pineapple (Ebony): The only way to improve the already classic black-and-white bathroom is to throw in some chic gold pineapples, the Southern symbol of hospitality that beckons you to shrug off the day's troubles and simply relax. Image via @haleyweidenbaum

Queen Anne Taupe wallpaper | Rifle Paper Co. | Hygge & West

Queen Anne (Taupe): Soft and sweet, but still packing a powerful punch, this dainty floral plays beautifully with scalloped tiles, natural woods, and a touch of brass. Neutral, with a twist. Image via @studiomcgee

Daydream Black wallpaper | Julia Rothman | Hygge & West

Daydream (Black): What's black and white and graphic all over? This Daydream-y bathroom that hits all our favorite notes: plenty of pattern, tons of texture, and a hint of luxe sheen. Image via @addisonswonderland

Underwater World Graphite wallpaper | Pattern People | Hygge & West

Underwater World (Graphite): What bathroom wallpaper roundup could possibly be complete without this delicate deep-sea pattern? Get lost in daydreams of the darkest depths of the ocean with this subtle, yet statement-making wallpaper. Image via @mei23

Rosa Indigo wallpaper | Rifle Paper Co. | Hygge & West

Rosa (Indigo): Oh, vintage pink bathrooms, how we love you so. This nostalgic scene gets a modern rosy update that keeps this space feeling fresh and new, funky and refined. Image via @designinrareform

Slice Charcoal wallpaper | Heath Ceramics | Hygge & West

Slice (Charcoal): Modern and edgy but with all the right curves, this pattern lends a graphic pop in a classic color combination. Add a side of Mermaids shower curtain for an extra dose of pattern. Image via @christiana_hyggeandwest

Andanza Silver wallpaper | Laundry Studio | Hygge & West

Andanza (Silver): Bath tub nook, anyone? This peaceful scene is made even sweeter with a splash of delicate lace-like pattern in the chicest silvery metallic. Who needs the spa when you can come home to this? Image via @littlewillowhome

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