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We currently offer our patterns in three different formats. All of our papers are highly durable and washable, and both our traditional and pre-pasted wallpapers are Class A fire-rated. Learn how to install each format below.

How to hang traditional wallpaper

Our traditional wallpapers are hand screen printed in Chicago on America-made paper. These papers have a hand-painted look and texture and we offer the most pattern and color options in this material. These papers work in nearly any application.

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How to apply pre-pasted wallpaper

Our pre-pasted wallpapers are digitally printed on PVC-free paper and are GREENGUARD Gold certified. Paste is not needed to apply these papers, which work in nearly any application a traditional wallpaper would.

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How to apply peel and stick wallpaper

Our peel and stick wallpapers are also digitally printed. These papers have an adhesive backing that does not require any kind of paste to apply and can be removed and reused as needed. Peel and stick wallpaper is great for kids' spaces, dorms, rentals, or any other temporary installation.

How-to guide

Frequently asked questions

Both our traditional and pre-pasted wallpapers are suitable for use in bathrooms. We do recommend, however, that the room has adequate ventilation and that the wallpaper is not installed in an area where it will come into direct contact with water. We also recommend using a wallpaper primer first to help with adhesion.

Our peel and stick wallpapers are not suitable for bathrooms.

All of our wallpapers are washable using a mild soap that does not contain detergent. Rinse with clear, clean water. Stains caused by grease and oil may not necessarily be removed. Do not use abrasives.

Our rolls are considered DOUBLE rolls, which means that each roll is 30’ long (a single roll is 15’ long). If your project requires two double rolls, for example, you should order two of our rolls. If you need two single rolls, order just one of our rolls.

The best way to get an accurate color match to your wallpaper is to bring in a swatch from your actual rolls to a paint store for the color match. This will provide an exact match between your wallpaper and paint.

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Wallpaper removal

Both our pre-pasted and peel and stick wallpapers are designed for easy removal, and our traditional wallpaper can also be uninstalled in a few easy steps.

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How we make our wallpaper

All of our traditional wallpapers are hand screen printed in Chicago by master printers who have been honing their craft for decades. See our printers in action.

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