Learn how to apply peel and stick wallpaper using Piedmont wallpaper in colors Mist and Taupe in a room with two chairs

How to apply peel and stick wallpaper

Discover how to apply peel and stick wallpaper with our helpful 8 step installation guide.

Step 1

Prep and inspect

Step 2

Gather your supplies

Step 3

Cut the wallpaper strips

Step 4

Mark your starting point

Step 5

Position the first strip

Step 6

Apply and smooth the wallpaper

Step 7

Trim the edges

Step 8

Apply the remaining strips

Installing peel and stick wallpaper

Looking for something a bit more temporary? Peel and stick wallpaper is our easiest material to DIY, providing pattern when you want it and a fresh start when you don’t.

Frequently asked questions

To remove or reposition our peel and stick wallpapers, start at the top corners of a panel, and pull firmly, evenly, and slowly downward, working parallel to the surface. Be careful not to over-stretch the material. Do not allow the adhesive surfaces to make contact with each other as they are very difficult to separate without damaging.

Check out our resource library to learn the advanced wallpapering techniques of papering around electrical sockets, thermostats, and wallpapering light switch plates.

The best way to get an accurate color match to your wallpaper is to bring in a swatch from your actual rolls to a paint store for the color match. This will provide an exact match between your wallpaper and paint.

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