A light blue wallpaper with a white floral pattern with a roll of the same wallpaper laying on top, gold-handled scissors, a black pencil and a tape measure partially extended.

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Getting started

Whether you’re a beginner DIYer or a seasoned professional, our guides, videos, and other helpful tools take the guesswork out of wallpaper.

Ordering wallpaper

It's important to order the correct number of rolls, as colors can vary between lots. Measure the height and width of each wall (sketching it out may help) and use our wallpaper calculator to determine how many rolls you should order.

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Wallpaper removal

Both our pre-pasted and peel and stick wallpapers are designed for easy removal, and our traditional wallpaper can also be uninstalled in a few easy steps.

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How we make our wallpaper

All of our traditional wallpapers are hand screen printed in Chicago by master printers who have been honing their craft for decades. See our printers in action.

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Installation guides

Installing wallpaper—and transforming your space—is as easy as following our simple step-by-step guides. Learn how to install each of our three different wallpaper materials below.

Traditional wallpaper

Our traditional wallpapers are hand screen printed in Chicago on America-made paper. These papers have a hand-painted look and texture and we offer the most pattern and color options in this material. These papers work in nearly any application.

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Pre-pasted wallpaper

Our pre-pasted wallpapers are digitally printed on PVC-free paper and are GREENGUARD Gold certified. Paste is not needed to install these papers, which work in nearly any application a traditional wallpaper would.

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Peel and stick wallpaper

Our peel and stick wallpapers are digitally printed. These papers have an adhesive backing that does not require any kind of paste to install and can be removed and reused as needed. Peel and stick wallpaper is great for kids' spaces, dorms, rentals, or any other temporary installation.

How-to guide

How-to videos

Before you get started on your project, watch these helpful instructional videos that cover everything from the basics to advanced wallpapering techniques.

Installing traditional wallpaper

Traditional wallpaper requires the use of paste and takes little more than time and the right tools. Good music and a caffeinated beverage are optional, but recommended.

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Installing pre-pasted wallpaper

Activate this paper with a quick dip in water—no paste needed! Pre-pasted wallpaper is easy to apply and easier to remove (but you won’t want to).

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Installing peel and stick wallpaper

Looking for something a bit more temporary? Peel and stick wallpaper is our easiest material to DIY and provides pattern when you want it, and a fresh start when you don’t.

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Wallpapering around objects

Take your wallpaper skills up a notch and impress your guests (and yourself!) with these advanced techniques that look far more difficult than they are.

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Wallpapering around corners and molding

Don’t let architectural details derail your wallpaper plans—conquer those corners like a pro with these easy tips and tricks.

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