2022 in review: Some of our most popular wallpaper installations and what we're predicting for the year ahead

Best of 2022 | Cascade Meadow (Juniper) wallpapered bathroom | Hygge & West

Photo credit: @brandihinesevents

We've been so inspired by how good you make our wallpapers look in your homes that we wanted to round up some of the most popular installs from this past year. 2022 introduced us to some breathtaking wallpaper projects, and we're so grateful to be a part of these joyful spaces.

Best of 2022 | Alpine Garden Multi (Ebony) wallpapered rooms | Hygge & West

Photo credits: @chandralainedesign, @mjay.photograph | @victoria_bartholomew | @katepearcevintage

Alpine Garden Multi (Ebony): This showstopping wallpaper was one of 2022's best sellers for a reason—it’s simply stunning! We loved seeing all the different ways you used Alpine Garden. For adults and kids (and cats) alike, this versatile pattern is always the right choice. Our prediction for 2023? Be prepared for more gorgeous, Alpine Garden-filled walls (and ceilings, anyone?).

Best of 2022 | Bathroom wallpaper | Hygge & West

Photo credits: @sarahandsonsinteriors, @damnrabbitstudios | @aimee_hyggeandwest | @morgantewilson
Best of 2022 | Soldo (Navy) wallpapered powder room | Hygge & West
Photo credits: @whitespace_interiors,⁠ ⁠@mirandaestes, @melissadalton_pdx

Wallpapered powder rooms and bathrooms: It was another big year for powder rooms and bathrooms. These jewel box spaces continued to surprise and delight us. They may be one of the more utilitarian rooms in the home, but they are also the most popular to wallpaper. From foxes to butterflies to snakes, we can't think of a reason not to add more personality via wallpaper to these smaller spaces. We're anticipating many more pattern-filled bathrooms and powder rooms in the year ahead.

Best of 2022 | Cascade Meadow wallpaper | Hygge & West

Photo credits: @brandihinesevents | @silldesignco | @captainnickelsmaine

Cascade Meadow: One of our most popular floral wallpapers, Cascade Meadow, found itself in some truly beautiful spaces this year. A blooming bathroom, cozy kitchen nook, and guest room/bathroom combo had our hearts skipping a beat. Expect to see many rooms refreshed in a field of flowers in 2023.

Best of 2022 | Wallpapered rooms | Hygge & West
Photo credits: @cassmakeshome | @julieannemitchiner @dustinforest
Best of 2022 | Piedmont (Indigo) wallpapered dining room | Hygge & West
Photo credit: @marisawilsoninteriors

Immersive wallpaper: The only thing better than a wall of pattern? A room of pattern. Covering all four walls in wallpaper creates an immersive experience and injects a room with personality. From a Fortune-filled hallway to welcome lucky guests, a Night Heron space that brought the mystical outdoors in, and a rich, classic Piedmont dining room, our H&W community loved these wonderful and whimsical rooms where the owners immersed themselves in a wallpapered story.

Best of 2022 | Olive Grove wallpaper | Hygge & West

Photo credits: @copperandcottondesign | @samanthaspappas | @hawkes.landing

Olive Grove: This versatile pattern is the perfect choice for adding color, texture, and interest to any room. It's the ideal pattern to bring in softness and warmth. We see many, many more Olive Grove installs in the year ahead!

As for "trends" we're predicting for next year? We're not. Create a home that is a reflection of yourself and your family. Fill it with what you love and what makes you happy. If pattern makes you smile, wallpaper on!

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