Our Heath Wallpaper Collection Used Two Ways by H&W Co-Founder Aimee Lagos

Wallpaper Two Ways: Aimee x Heath

Usually for Wallpaper Two Ways, we like to reach into our network of super talented and insanely creative friends. But with the recent launch of our brand new Heath collection, we were just far too excited to let someone else have all the mood-boarding fun! So we each decided to take a stab at creating two completely different looks around a single Heath pattern, starting with Aimee. Check out her mood board below, then read what inspired it, what her H&W collection would look like, and more!

Wallpaper Two Ways: Aimee x Heath

H&W: What paper did you choose and why?

Aimee Lagos: Slice (Mist). I typically steer clear of pink, but I just adore this wallpaper. It’s so fresh and light, but still very sophisticated.

H&W: Who is the person you imagine using each of the two spaces you've created here?

AL: I think this wallpaper is very feminine without being overtly girly. I envision it in spaces that are maybe a woman’s sanctuary in her house – her special place where she goes for some peace and quiet or to pamper herself a bit.

H&W: You've worked with some of the most talented designers to create the Hygge & West collections. If you were to have your own H&W collection, what would the first pattern you design look like?

AL: I’ve had this idea for a few years now. I’d love to do a single, very detailed/realistic gardenia flower in a 36-inch repeat – so there would be a LOT of negative space. I think it would be modern and unexpected and really stunning on a black background.

H&W: What's your favorite - perhaps unexpected - place or way to use H&W pattern in your own home or personal life?

AL: Right now it’s these coasters I made from some of our fabric that was left over from another project. They’re just little 5”x5” squares but we’re using them constantly and they always make me happy. It’s fun to have just little pops of pattern in your life.

H&W: As you clearly know, 'hygge' is a Danish word that loosely translates to 'cozy'. What is it about this concept that inspired you to build a brand around it? What's your favorite hygge in your world?

AL: It’s just such a lovely concept – whenever we meet Danish people or people familiar with Danish culture, we have this immediate connection over the name of our company. There’s something really appealing about appreciating those small moments in life that create happiness and contentment. We thought it was a good criteria for our products – will this make an environment more hygge? And I think that we’ve achieved that with our wallpapers. My favorite hygge right now is my garden. There’s nothing better than fresh veggies that you grew yourself! We’ve got a bumper crop of tomatoes coming in, and I can’t wait to make this tomato sauce with fresh tomatoes. It’s basically edible hygge (probably because of all the butter).


Ladies room: 1. Pendant | 2. Mirror | 3. Stool | 4. Bathtub

Sitting room: 1. Swivel chair | 2. Chandelier | 3. Coffee table | 4. Sheepskin rug

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