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Spring may be around the corner, but that doesn't mean winter is done with us just yet. Before we say goodbye to the cold, we're looking back on all the wallpapered nooks and crannies that kept us cozy this season.

Wallpapered Nooks Roundup | Andanza Green wallpaper | Laundry Studio | Hygge & West  Image via @ramblinrod

Andanza (Green)

The swirling swoops of this lace-like pattern feel especially ethereal and airy when used in an inviting corner flooded with natural light. An attentive cactus acts as gatekeeper to what is surely the most sought-after seat in the house. SHOP ANDANZA

Wallpapered Nooks Roundup | Storyline Delft Blue wallpaper | Emily Isabella | Hygge & WestImage via @ericaag3

Storyline (Delft Blue)

Nooks are for daydreaming, and this pastoral setting where pigs fly and rabbits appear inside overturned hats is the perfect jumping off point for many a reverie. SHOP STORYLINE

Wallpapered Nooks Roundup | Daydream Gold wallpaper | Julia Rothman | Hygge & WestImage via @aliceandbirdinteriors

Daydream (Gold)

No gray skies here! This sweet window nook wrapped in golden swallows lends an air of perpetual sunny days. Plush pillows and perfectly placed sconces complete the intimate vibe of this cocoon-like setting. SHOP DAYDREAM

Wallpapered Nooks Roundup | Florebela Navy wallpaper | Tilton Fenwick | Hygge & WestImage via @christiana_hyggeandwest

Florebela (Navy)

What’s better than a cozy nook with wallpapered walls? A cozy nook with wallpapered walls AND ceiling (adorable pups don’t hurt, either!). This modern floral in a classic blue and white palette feels like a warm spring breeze on even the coldest of days. SHOP FLOREBELA

Wallpapered Nooks Roundup | Bloom Dusty Rose wallpaper | Emily Isabella | Hygge & WestImage via @designinrareform

Bloom (Dusty Rose)

A modern spin on a classic, this geometric floral conjures images of rolling fields of blooming wildflowers. When used in a chic dining nook, it's like eating al fresco all year round. SHOP BLOOM

Wallpapered Nooks Roundup | Angelina Laurel wallpaper | Tilton Fenwick | Hygge & WestImage via @swattsandco

Angelina (Laurel)

Hello, gorgeous! A small but mighty entryway adds instant charm and character when covered in floor-to-ceiling pattern—especially when that pattern is as fun and fearless as this one. What a way to say, "Welcome home!" SHOP ANGELINA

Wallpapered Nooks Roundup | Daydream Gray wallpaper | Julia Rothman | Hygge & WestImage via @leclairdecor

Daydream (Gray)

Talk about dreamy! The subject matter—ethereal clouds and soaring birds—makes this space light and airy, while the deep gray keeps it cozy. This window nook is the perfect place to have your head in the clouds. SHOP DAYDREAM

Wallpapered Nooks Roundup | Diamante Turquoise wallpaper | Laundry Studio | Hygge & WestImage via @phinneyhome

Diamante (Turquoise)

This delicate yet striking pattern sets the tone for a sweet space that's perfect for reading or relaxing. Paired with built-in seating, a light source, and a few pieces of art, this nook is one we'd never want to leave. SHOP DIAMANTE

Wallpapered Nooks Roundup | Slice Charcoal wallpaper | Heath Ceramics | Hygge & WestImage via @thecabrillocompound

Slice (Charcoal)

Breakfast never looked so good! This cool, sophisticated pattern brings energy and graphic movement to this inspired dining nook. When paired with warm, grainy wood, you've got yourself some ultra classic style. SHOP SLICE

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