Beyond the Book: Photo and Interview Extras from Our Book, Hygge & West Home

Hygge & West Home | Stephanie HousleyStephanie Housley's stunning Jackson Hole home at dusk.

Working on our new book, Hygge & West Home, has been one of the most fun projects we've ever embarked on. We fell in love with every person we interviewed, every word they shared with us, and every home they welcomed us into. Deciding which interview answers and home photos made their way into the final book was incredibly hard (like I said, we loved them all!), but luckily we had our friends at Chronicle to help make the cut. Luckily, there are no page limits on the internet, so we can finally share these gems from the editing room floor! Keep reading for a behind-the-scenes look at what didn't make the book and a few sneak peeks of Hygge & West Home.

Hygge & West Home | Katie Rodgers

A sneak-peek spread from Katie's interview in Hygge & West Home


Hygge & West Home | Katie Rodgers

Hygge & West: You grew up in a rural town outside of Atlanta, Georgia, and now you live in an apartment in New York City. How does life in the country differ from life in the city?

Katie Rodgers: It’s quite the change! Luckily, I had some smaller starter cities - Pittsburgh and Boston - along the way to help me adapt. But of course, there is no place like New York. I loved growing up in the South, surrounded by nature. I cherish that, but I never once thought about staying there. I always had my heart set on exploring what else was out there in the world. I wanted to see more. I decided to move to New York City four years ago and I’m so happy that I did. It’s a wonderful place to experience living in at least once in your life, if you have the chance.

H&W: What inspires your art and your style at home?

KR: I’m constantly inspired by nature, so I think you’ll find a lot of Earth elements in my home. I’m inspired by travel and art and simplicity. I love the thought of whimsical storytelling in homes and bringing in elements from my favorite childhood stories. I also want my home to have a sense of calm so that I am inspired to create.

Hygge & West Home | Julia Rothman

A sneak-peek spread from Julia's interview in Hygge & West Home


Hygge & West Home | Julia Rothman

The entirety of Julia's interview made it into the book, but somehow this beautiful photo of her home workspace didn't! We think this space is just too pretty not to share.

Hygge & West Home | Stephanie Housley

A sneak-peek spread from Stephanie's interview in Hygge & West Home


Hygge & West Home | Stephanie Housley

H&W: Your rescue dog, Paco, couldn't be cuter. How has he affected the way you decorate? [H&W NOTE: Sadly, Paco has since passed away. We're so grateful that we got to capture this handsome, loving boy with his mom (above)!]

SH: Paco is a character and the best pal anyone could hope for. We always have to leave a large space for his dog bed (he is an Italian Mastiff), which I try to make as comfortable as possible. Other than that, we sometimes have to put away books and papers when we leave the house so he doesn’t chew them up. Depending on what type of pet you have and what their individual animal and personality qualities are, you need to work with those inherent traits and behaviors so that no one is disappointed.

Hygge & West Home | Stephanie Housley

H&W: What are your tips for others who work from home and want to create a space where they can feel comfortable, yet productive?

SH: I am big on functionality and making it easy to work. Whatever you spend most of your time doing, make sure you make that space the most conducive, comfortable, and functional to the type of job that you do. And know your downfalls - if you get distracted easily, make sure what you are looking at encourages focus. Make the tools you use regularly easy to assess, and make sure they are good ones.

Hygge & West Home | Stephanie Housley

H&W: What is your most prized possession in your home?

SH: The house and the land itself. I feel like I could fill it with a broad variety of things and feel equally excited to wake up every day. The things that we do have in the house are intentionally there, because they are useful or functional, and hopefully aesthetically pleasing, too. But being able to live and work in this space feels like the greatest prized possession I can imagine.

Hygge & West Home | Liz Kamarul

A sneak-peek spread from Liz's interview in Hygge & West Home


Hygge & West Home | Liz Kamarul

Hygge & West: How does living on the go differ from a home that stays put? Where will you go?

Liz Kamarul: We plan to travel all across the Southern U.S. and to the East Coast, then decide if we want to go up or down from there. We're really excited about visiting the South in particular; neither one of us have ever been there. New Orleans, for example, has always been a dream for both of us. We both love to travel and have done a lot of it in our lives, but nothing long term like this. The amazing thing about traveling in the RV is that no matter where we visit, we never get homesick. As soon as we step inside, it feels comfortable and like home.

H&W: What are your tips and tricks for mixing pattern in a small space?

LK: When I pair patterns, I try to find a similar color scheme and then mix larger prints with smaller prints, or busy with simple. That balance helps calm the chaos.

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