Meet the Maker: Tilton Fenwick's Fearless Embrace of Pattern and Color Comes to Our Newest Wallpaper Collection

Here at Team H&W, we've been longtime admirers of Anne Maxwell Foster and Suysel dePedro Cunningham, the super talented and always chic duo behind interior design firm Tilton Fenwick. From furniture to fabrics to wallcoverings, Anne and Suysel fearlessly embrace pattern and color, and effortlessly mix both to create timeless yet refreshingly modern interiors that are always 100% drool-worthy.

It's this deft hand with pattern and color that led us to interview the women behind the brand not once, but twice, and also collaborate on our newest collection (launched just this week!) of beautifully conceived and designed wallpapers. We were dying to see how they would style one of their own patterns, so we got that scoop (and so much more!) below. Keep scrolling for some serious Tilton Fenwick eye candy!

Hygge & West: We're so excited to launch our new Tilton Fenwick x Hygge & West collection with you! What was the inspiration behind these patterns?

Tilton Fenwick: Inspired by our travels to Portugal, wallpapers in this collection may recall the vibrant tile facades from the streets of Lisbon or a feeling conjured by the exotic sounds of Fado music. While in Portugal, we traveled to the city, seaside, and countryside for inspiration. Additionally, the color palette was inspired by colorful doors, tile facades, and the incredibly vibrant flora and fauna of the country.

H&W: How would you describe the Tilton Fenwick aesthetic, and how did you infuse it into this collection?

TF: We are known for our distinct vision of color combinations and bold pattern. This unique collection of wallpapers embodies this aesthetic. Often, we use paper on walls and ceilings together in one room. This collection allows for lots of mixing and combining between bolder, more colorful patterns, and suppler two-color patterns.

Wallpaper Two Ways | Tilton Fenwick | Hygge & West

H&W: What pattern/colorway from your collection did you choose and why? Who is the person you imagine residing in each of the spaces you've created?

TF: We chose Angelina in Fawn. The pattern is so strong, yet fluid. The repetitive arches of this statement wallpaper were initially inspired by the Manueline architecture of the Jeronimo Monastery in Portugal (see below). We softened the design with the floral motif and the gradation of color into metallic. We can see it in a city apartment or a beach setting to create a real statement!

mage2.jpegThe person we envision living in these spaces is, first and foremost, fun and fearless! They throw parties (whether a clam bake at the beach or a more sophisticated dinner party in the city) and have a certain joie de vivre that’s contagious. The metallic details in the wallpaper paired with the whimsical furniture and artwork are the perfect display of that fun personality!

H&W: You've also recently launched a new Duralee fabrics collection—exciting! What role does pattern play in your work? How do you envision the patterns from your collection with us and your new Duralee patterns working together in the same space?

TF: Yes, we are excited to be launching our second collection of fabrics for Duralee. Both the fabric and the wallpaper exemplify our love of pattern play. We can’t wait to mix and match fabrics and papers from both collections. We’re also excited to use matching wallpaper with the fabrics to create some bold and beautiful spaces. And while we always gravitate toward bold colorways, the neutral palette offers so much flexibility (see Wallpaper Two Ways, above!).

H&W: We were thrilled (though not surprised!) to hear you were named to Elle Decor's A-List for 2018—congratulations! Tell us about this great honor and what it means to you.

TF: Making the Elle Decor A-List has been a top professional honor for us. To be in same company with many designers we have long admired is incredibly humbling. We love that the magazine chose to shake up the list this year with many new names and faces (including ours!).


In The City: 1. Art | 2. Light | 3. Lamp | 4. Side table | 5. Rug | 6. Coffee table | 7. Sofa | 8. Pillow | 9. Bookcase

At The Beach: 1. Light | 2. Sofa | 3. Pillow | 4. Rug | 5. Throw | 6. Side table | 7. Canvas plant | 8. Lamp | 9. Art

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