Pattern Players: Writer-Turned-Interior-Designer Shauna Glenn on Why You Don't Need a Degree to Design Beautiful Spaces

Photo by Jen Morley

There's just something about a home bursting with color, pattern, and personality that gets us going. While we love a classic neutral interior, we just can't tear our eyes away from the homes that give us everything and then some, and the designers who aren't afraid to totally go there. One such designer is Fort Worth, Texas, designer Shauna Glenn of Shauna Glenn Design.

A writer-turned-interior-designer, Shauna came to the home industry because of her incredible passion for interiors. She doesn't know the rules, and so she doesn't have to follow them—and her work is a joyful reflection of that fearless confidence to go big, bold, and brave. With her self-described "contemporary meets your grandma's attic" aesthetic, Shauna isn't afraid to mix patterns and styles to create spaces that are wholly one-of-a-kind. Keep scrolling to learn more about Shauna's design approach, see the many ways she's used H&W patterns, and discover her secret to being the most hygge hostess around.

Hygge & West: Tell us a little bit about your background and how it led you to become an interior designer.

Shauna Glenn: I'm a writer by trade, but have always been interested in interior design, styling, and entertaining. When I started my first website in 2007, I used it as a platform to share essays, tablescapes, entertaining ideas, and room design. After I felt like I'd written about everything I knew (ha!), I started doing room styling and went to work for an interior designer. I learned so much over those three years, but wanted to get into renovations and new construction. It's grown into a full-time career, and we just hired our fourth employee. We're already growing out of our studio space!

H&W: We love that you're a total rule-breaker when it comes to design—your style is as bold and fun as it is unpredictable. Tell us a little more about your design philosophy and aesthetic, as well as your favorite "rule" to break.

SG: A positive to not studying interior design in a traditional school setting is that it gives me the opportunity to break the rules—mostly because I don't know the rules. To me, your home should reflect your life, your family, your personality, and your history. That's why I encourage people to shop their homes and to use treasures you find on vacation. You'd be surprised what we find in people's cabinets.

H&W: What role does pattern play in your work? What are your tips and tricks for mixing multiple patterns in a single space?

SG: I am not afraid to mix patterns. Sometimes my philosophy is even "the more patterns the better," but not everyone can handle that, so I pare it down or edit based on my clients' needs and personalities. When mixing patterns, I'll choose a big pattern and then pepper in some smaller patterns, or vice versa.

H&W: You've used many H&W patterns in your work, including a Tassels (Gold) bedroom, an Otomi (Turquoise) bathroom, an Andanza (Silver) living room, a Daydream (Blush) bedroom, a Petal Pusher (Dove) bathroom, a Slice (Blue) powder bath, and a Tassels (Marine) powder bath. What drew you to these patterns and what do you think they brought to the spaces in which you used them?

SG: I have used so many H&W patterns in my designs because they always seem to be just what the spaces needed. It's awesome to work with a company who has everything I need!

H&W: Wallpaper isn't just for walls! What's your favorite unexpected place or way to use wallpaper?

SG: I love using wallpaper on ceilings and on three-drawer chests. It's an unexpected feast for the eyes.

H&W: Hygge is a Danish concept that celebrates the coziness and comfort in life's smallest joys and simplest pleasures. How do you create hygge in your world?

SG: The way I create hygge in my world is by preparing charcuterie boards for guests. You would be surprised what a tray with cheese, fruit, olives, and crackers does for people. They're like, "Oh my god, this is the best thing ever!" It's simple, yet people freak. I create some really beautiful cheese boards with things I have in my fridge and pantry. I recommend everyone trying it one night. You'll feel very fancy.

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