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Photo tips

Follow these expert interior photography tips for capturing your space in the best light (and pattern) possible.

Use natural light

Turn off all interior lights, which can muddy the colors of your space and cause unflattering shadows. Maximize natural light using everyday objects like white sheets and towels to soften and bounce additional light into a room.

Image credit: @rusticwhiteinteriors

Get low and steady

Use a tripod to frame your shot and slow down the shutter speed to absorb more light without the image becoming blurry. Get low and shoot from a straight-on perspective to capture the most flattering angle and ensure your wall lines run vertically.

Image credit: @selliottphoto & @changoandco

Style for the camera

What looks good on camera and good in real life are often vastly different. Walk around your space to find the best angle. Ground objects by showing a little of the floor, and use the viewfinder to spot gaps that need to be styled and to create balanced layers.

Image credit: @anaveradesz

Alpine Garden Multi (Midnight) Wallpaper | Hygge & West

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