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Holiday Paper Crafts, Leftover Wallpaper Style!

December 16, 2017


Wallpaper Wrapped Presents Hygge & West Strike (Gold) Damask (Gold) Laundry Studio Heath Ceramics

Leftover wallpaper is not meant to be stashed away – after all, if you love a pattern enough to cover your walls in it, should you not make use of every last scrap?

Well, we’ve found that crafts are the perfect use, and the holidays are the perfect time for crafts.

What follows is a roundup of some of our favorite leftover wallpaper crafts, courtesy of team H&W and friends. 

Christmas Presents fireplace Hygge for the holidays wallpaper wrapped presents

Wallpaper-Wrapped Presents: What's the easiest and most festive way to show off your leftover wallpaper's pattern? Under the tree, of course! Also, this just so happens to be our favorite way to wrap presents. Pictured here are Damask (Gold) and Strike (Gold). Courtesy of Christiana, her cool-girl tree trimmings and amazing fireplace. :)


NYC apartment paper garland DIY christmas decor Hygge & West wallpaper

Paper Stars: Ornaments, garlands, table toppers, tree toppers...these versatile little guys can do it all! Click here for a how-to guide and inspiration. Every H&W paper is a star, but we used Queen Anne (Taupe)Diamonds (Pine) and Knots (Gold). Courtesy of H&W team member Katherine Bildsten and her apartment that is too tiny for a tree! 


The Most Colorful Christmas Snowflakes: Wallpaper samples can do the job, too! We adore these snowflakes courtesy of @stylewarriorinteriors featuring Peonies and Rosa

Wallpaper paper mache deer head Foret (Midnight) wallpaper Hygge & West Etsy

Festive Faux Taxidermy: Christiana made this papier-mâché deer using Foret (Midnight) wallpaper scraps. All you need is some leftover wallpaper (one pattern, or many!), a paint brush, wallpaper paste and a deer head form (this one is from Etsy). Add some holly and sparkle, and voila, it's holiday-friendly (and real deer-friendly) decor. See process pics here!


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Holiday Cocktails + Pattern: Mezcal Maria

December 15, 2017


The holidays are officially here and we're getting hygge the best way we know how - by toasting the season with our team's favorite seasonal cocktails! Of course, no Hygge & West celebration would be complete without a heavy pour of pattern, so we've paired our festive spirits with the perfect complementary wallpapers. What could be jollier than that?!

Mezcal Maria

From the kitchen of: Christiana Coop

When I was in college I spent Thanksgiving at my good friend Mary's parents' house. It was their family tradition to drink Bloody Marys in the morning while preparing the meal. I'm happy to have any excuse to drink a Bloody Mary, so I quickly embraced this tradition for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. Only my brother and I drink them, and we've experimented with multiple recipes. From our various recipe testing, we've concluded that you really can't screw up a Bloody Mary, so long as you go heavy on the spice and pickled garnishes.

This year, I'll be drinking solo since my brother will be in Costa Rica with his family, so I'm indulging in some of my favorite tricks: using mezcal for a lovely, smokey flavor and serving them up, fancy style! 


4 cups tomato juice
1/3 cup lemon juice
1 cup mezcal
2 tablespoons prepared horseradish
1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce


Stir ingredients with ice and strain into salt rimmed glasses. Garnish with pickled baby cucumbers, pickled baby green tomatoes, jalapeño-stuffed olives, and cocktail olives. Squeeze in lemon or lime to taste, or add Tabasco for an extra kick.

I paired my cocktail with Queen Ann in Ebony because I love how sophisticated and moody, yet festive it feels, and I thought it would match my cocktail!


My favorite thing about the holidays is spending time with my family. I always look forward to all the traditions my mom recreates every year, along with the chaos and laughter my nephews bring! It might not be picture perfect, but it’s perfect to me.



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Holiday Wallpaper Crafting: Paper Stars

December 14, 2017

Paper Stars Craft Leftover Wallpaper Hygge & West

These stars are as versatile as they come – they can be made at any size, look great with any pattern, and last well beyond the holidays!

You can string your stars together to make a garland, loop with one piece of yarn for an easy paper ornament or simply display among tabletop decorations.

Hygge & West wallpaper rolls Rifle paper co laundry studios terrence payne

All you need is:
A star stencil or cutout (any size will do!)
Your favorite leftover wallpaper (or wallpapers!) I had on hand Queen Anne (Taupe), Diamonds (Pine) and Knots (Gold)
String, ribbon or yarn if your stars are to become ornaments or a garland
Elmer’s glue

Leftover wallpaper star craft Hygge & West Rifle Paper Co

1 - Cut out a piece of wallpaper that is large enough to fit two stars. Fold the wallpaper in half, inside out. Trace your star stencil on one side of the folded paper, making sure that two of the star’s points fall along the fold.

2 - Cut out the star shape. Once you’ve done so, unfold and you should have two stars, connected at two points. Next, to give your stars some dimension, fold and unfold each star in half five times – one fold for each point! 

3 - Pour a penny-sized amount of glue onto a piece of scrap paper. Dip the inside edges of each of the star’s points in a tiny amount of the glue.

4 - Press the points of your two stars together so that they stick. Make sure that you maintain the 3D shape as much as possible (but the pattern of your wallpaper will help cover up any imperfections!). Don’t worry if there is a gap between each point of your star. And…voila!

5 - Repeat as many times as you’d like! 

leftover wallpaper paper star holiday craft

Tip: The ones shown here are pretty small, but these stars be made with any size stencil. The bigger your star, the more you get to show off your wallpaper’s pattern! :)

leftover wallpaper apartment interior design hygge & West holiday decorating decor

Happy Holidays!

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Pattern Players: Meet H&W Marketing Specialist, Katherine Bildsten

December 12, 2017


Sometimes the universe has a funny way of knowing exactly what you need and sending it along at exactly the right time. That was definitely the case with our newest H&W team member, Katherine Bildsten. We had just been discussing the idea of bringing someone on board to help with marketing when we received a perfectly-timed email from Katherine. Her experience, attitude, and, of course, love for pattern immediately piqued our interests, and we also loved that there was a Minnesota connection (Katherine is originally from Minneapolis, where Aimee lives!). After meeting her during a trip to New York City, we knew we'd found the right fit for this role and we have been proven right every day since.

It’s been so great having Katherine on board with us. She’s already accomplished so much and we're so excited to see all of the wonderful ideas to come as we continue to work together! Welcome to Hygge & West, Katherine!


Hygge & West: Tell us a little bit about your background and what you do at Hygge & West. What drew you to H&W?

Katherine Bildsten: I have a background in advertising and marketing, with a focus on management, strategy, writing, and social media. I have worked for a number of brands in the home decor space, from The Faribault Woolen Mill to Tom Dixon to Ikea.

I was drawn to Hygge & West for so many reasons – I love design (interiors especially), I love pattern, I love working for small businesses, and, most importantly, I was inspired by Aimee and Christiana’s story of following their passion and starting H&W! I am now working on marketing initiatives for H&W, with a current focus on Pinterest and building out an integrated social and digital strategy.


H&W: What does pattern mean to you? What role does it play in your life?

KB: I’m quite New York-y in that I only really wear black, gray, white, denim, and the occasional shade of green – but the exception is pattern. As a little girl, my signature look was a pair of short overalls with ridiculously patterned stockings underneath. Even the tiny glasses I wore as a three year old were patterned.

I especially love pattern because it is timeless (and when not, it represents a very particular moment in time) and always tells a story. A few years ago, I replaced my childhood bedding with a red floral spread, hoping that a more ‘grown up’ pattern would better appeal to my parents’ house guests, then only to be told by my mother’s friend that she had the same exact bedding in middle school. And recently, I bought a wool sweater with a very eighties floral pattern at Antoinette in Brooklyn, only to learn that my mother had the same sweater… in the eighties. (In fact, we’re still not convinced the one I bought isn’t the exact same one she gave away years ago.)


H&W: What is your favorite H&W pattern and why? If you could use it anywhere in your home, where would that be?

KB: That’s not an easy question! I have loved toile since I was a kid so Cities Toile (especially in Parchment) holds a special place in my heart. I am also a huge fan of the men’s store Askov Finlayson (their sister bar, Marvel Bar, has the best cocktails in Minneapolis) – their Wood pattern is gorgeous, especially in Gray and Cream.

I live in a tiny Manhattan apartment so an accent wall in my bedroom or bathroom would be the move – in fact, I may or may not be cooking up a future blog post to document my wallpapering adventures! The plan for now is Otomi (Taupe) removable tiles, but stay tuned. ☺


H&W: What do you like best about living in NYC? What is your favorite season in the city?

KB: I am lucky to live downtown because I can walk to so many neighborhoods in Manhattan – so that’s one of my favorite things, the walkability, but also the accessibility that public transportation offers. I love going to concerts all over Brooklyn and Queens, and spending weekends upstate in the Hudson Valley. Otherwise, I am a big eater-outer (as you can see from my bulletin board) and love going to yoga classes at Sky Ting in Chinatown.

September through December is hands down the best time here. Everybody is back from their summer travels, the weather is generally lovely, and the New York City Ballet Nutcracker is on!



H&W: Describe your ideal autumn day in NYC.

KB: I would definitely spend time outside – maybe gathering friends in Prospect Park or Fort Greene Park to play games and have a picnic. But as is true with any ideal day in NYC, I’d mostly eat. Prune or Fairfax are my favorite spots for breakfast. Lunch would be at The Spotted Pig in the West Village, incomplete without their fabulous Bloody Mary or Martini and shoestring fries. For dinner I’d go to Olmsted in Brooklyn, a wonderful farm-to-table restaurant with a back garden where you can sip a cocktail and roast s’mores (another favorite Brooklyn patio spot is LaRina Pastificio and Vino). All these places I mention are very cozy, and the balance between enjoying the last of the nice weather and being inside a warm, welcoming space is key for me in autumn – it’s the only time of year when you can truly have both!


H&W: If you could plan your dream holiday cocktail party, who would you invite - real or fictional, dead or alive?

KB: My whole extended family of 50 plus would have to be there. Lynn Rosetta-Casper, Julia Child, and Danny Meyer could help cook and entertain. Judy Garland would need to be there, for my grandmother. The Staves, a band made up of three British sisters (who currently reside in Minneapolis), would lead the carol singing and make everybody laugh hysterically. And Chance the Rapper. And the Obamas. Could George Gershwin play piano? How big is the venue? I could go on.


H&W: How do you find or create hygge in your everyday life? What are your must-haves for a hygge night in at home?

KB: I can proudly say that my roommate and I have created ourselves a pretty hygge space in our tiny apartment. It’s in the excessive number of candles, the waft of palo santo incense, the never-ending Beatles-and-Ella-Fitzgerald-heavy playlists, our strategic use of dimmer switches, and an excess of woolen blankets.

But even more important to creating a feeling of hygge is the company that we keep. We live on a busy street in the East Village and like to trick friends to ‘come over and hang out in the East Village’ – only to seduce them into our apartment for cheese and crackers, wine, pasta, ice cream, and conversation. Those are my must-haves – a warm, cozy ambience, something yummy, and life chats with great friends.

I suppose an evening around the fire at the family cabin back in Wisconsin isn’t such a bad way to hygge, either.


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Holiday Cocktails + Pattern: Vodka Tea

December 08, 2017


The holidays are officially here and we're getting hygge the best way we know how - by toasting the season with our team's favorite seasonal cocktails! Of course, no Hygge & West celebration would be complete without a heavy pour of pattern, so we've paired our festive spirits with the perfect complementary wallpapers. What could be jollier than that?!

Vodka Tea

From the kitchen of: Ola Supernat

Winter holidays are probably my favorite. My favorite drink is definitely vodka soda. However, cold weather and cold drinks don’t go together that well sometimes. So during one of our holiday gatherings a few years ago, as an attempt to cure a sore throat, I made up a hot vodka toddy. It turned out delicious, soothed my throat, warmed my body, and became a winter favorite.


cinnamon sticks or cloves (optional)


To make, brew tea as you normally would and then add the following to taste (or desired booziness level): vodka, honey, and lemon. If you want to get fancy, add cinnamon sticks or cloves. I love that this recipe is easy to take on the go — fill up your thermos and enjoy with snowy activities like ice-skating.

The wallpaper that goes best with my drink would have to be Nethercote in Gold. The little scene in the design seems cozy and magical, which is exactly how I like to feel while sipping my vodka tea around the holidays.


My favorite thing about the holidays is catching up with family, eating enough Polish food to last me until the next visit, strolling Wroclaw’s Christmas market, and ice skating. However, regardless of where the holidays find me, I love how the magical atmosphere always makes me feel like anything is possible (I may still believe in Santa, shh).


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Hygge for the Holidays

December 07, 2017

Kindred Vintage Little Girl Sleeping Holiday Bedroom Decor Andaza (Blush) Wallpaper Designed by Laundry Studio

We love it when you share pictures of Hygge & West wallpapers in your homes on Instagram, and we love holiday decorations...so as you can imagine, nothing beats when the two come together. Here, we share some of our favorite holiday-meets-hygge decor inspiration from Decembers past and present. It's a wallpaper wonderland!

Above, It's sweet Andaza (Blush) dreams in this bedroom shared by @kindredvintage, fit for a sugarplum fairy! 

Andaza (Blush) wallpaper Laundry Studio for Hygge & West holiday decor bedroom design wall mirror

This room proves that a pink, grey and white palette carries just as much holiday cheer as your traditional reds, golds and greens. 

holiday decor Hygge & West Andaza (Blush) wallpaper designed by Laundry Studio bedroom design for the holidays

A wondrous use of white. :)

Pink and grey bedroom design guest room Andaza (Blush) Wallpaper holiday decor Laundry Studios for Hygge & West

And to round this one out, a throwback to last year's holiday season when the same room was a guest room. We love the warm, gray-toned layers...hello, hygge!

Kids room holiday decor Petal Pusher (Gold) Wallpaper by Joy Cho (Oh Joy) for Hygge & West

@impeccable_nest offers a very festive take on holiday bedroom decor  punches of color meet Petal Pusher (Gold).

Holiday decor corner Petal Pusher (Gold) Wallpaper by Joy Cho (Oh Joy) for Hygge & West

It really doesn't take much to dress up Petal Pusher (Gold) for the holidays...all this desk nook needed was a tiny tabletop tree and a seasonal sign. (thank you, @graceinmagnolias!)

Petal Pusher (Black) wallpaper designed by Oh Joy (Joy Cho) for Hygge & West

Nor does Petal Pusher (Black) need much accessorizing...via @alyssadkent.

Pineapple (Ebony) Wallpaper by Rifle Paper Co. for Hygge & West bar cart holiday decor

Pineapple (Ebony) paired with a tabletop tree makes for a happy, hospitable holiday bar cart. (Thanks, Shelli!)


Knots (Gray) designed by Terrence Payne stocking design Hygge & West wallpaper

We LOVE the untraditional mantle in @phinneyhome's house, with the perfect Knots (Gray) backdrop.

Knots (Gray) wallpaper by Terrence Payne for Hygge & West Christmas tree home decor interior design

And the tree is up!

Hygge & West wallpaper Julia Rothman Daydream (Green) christmas tree decor

The multicolored ornaments on this tree are the perfect complement to Daydream (Green).

Palm Tree christmas Snow (Grey) Askov Finlayson for Hygge & West CB2 design

And hey, who said a Christmas tree needs to be traditional? We love the humor in this pairing of Snow (Gray) and a most tropical tree.

(But said tree is a perfect match for the caymen navy and gold palm wallpaper we designed for CB2 in the back room  we love the dedication, @rachelgrlee!)

Oh What Fun Banner Faux Martha blogger Nethercote (Grey) wallpaper by Julia Rothman for Hygge & West

We'll finish with a classic favorite...Melissa Coleman, also known as @thefauxmartha, brought the whimsy of Nethercote (Gray) to life with this playful felt banner and minimalist decor. 

That's it for now, but the season is just getting started, so keep the tags coming.

And with all the craziness that the holidays bring, we'll take this opportunity to wish you all a daily moment (or two!) of hygge and a constant, happy dose of pattern and decor. 

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This Month's Best Wallpaper Moments

December 05, 2017


This past month, as we’ve become lucky to expect, our Instagram followers shared a bright batch of pattern with us. Funny enough, almost all of our favorite installs from November had a match of sorts  a separate, similar install where the use of the same pattern in another colorway offered a totally different result! Here are just a few of our favorites.

Peonies Wallpaper Rifle Paper Co Hygge & West

Peonies (Yellow) brightened this tiny powder room space and @apartmenttherapy and @lovemedophoto brightened our day by sharing it with us! (see more on Apartment Therapy)

Peonies Wallpaper Rifle Paper Co Hygge & West

This powder room was made just as jolly thanks to @kathrynmillerinteriors (and Peonies (Pale Blue)).

Otomi Wallpaper Hygge & West

Otomi (Navy) made for a bold and brilliant entryway in this D.C. townhouse renovation via @washingtonpost and @meghoburg... (more on Apartment Therapy!)

Otomi Wallpaper Emily Isabella Hygge & West

…and Otomi (Red) beautifully complemented the classic moulding in this hallway.

Daydream Wallpaper Julia Rothman Hygge & West

We found the all-over-Daydream (Sunshine) in this cheery kid's room to be quite delightful (thanks to @styled_by_bo). 

Daydream (Orange) Wallpaper Julia Rothman Hygge & West

And were equally inspired by this more ‘grown up’ take on all-over-Daydream (Orange) via @thestylenest.

Daydream Wallpaper Julia Rothman Hygge & West

This install was proof that a little bit of wallpaper can make a room more playful no matter how low the Daydream-ed ceiling (thanks to @in.house.design and @philcrozier, ft. Daydream (Green))…

Daydream Wallpaper Julia Rothman Hygge & West

…or how high(!) (this beauty features Daydream (French Blue) and is courtesy of @meandmotherhood)

Nana Wallpaper Justina Blakeney Hygge & West

Finally, a gorgeous, un-matched Nana (Pink) dining space thanks to @imjessicabrigham. (More on Design*Sponge!)

Mermaids (Gold) Wallpaper Hygge & West

And a little detail for the road  how about this perfect towel ring placement? A lovely addition to Mermaids (Gold) in this powder room via @faustlevito. :) 

We love it all...keep the great images coming in December and beyond! 

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