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August 07, 2018

Tilton Fenwick x Hygge & West Interview with Architectural Digest

Let's start things off with a bang! We were truly thrilled to be featured with Tilton Fenwick chatting about our new wallpaper collection over on Architectural Digest! We're so proud of this collaboration and absolutely love working with Anne and Suysel. Not only do they have impeccable taste, but they are a delight to hang out with. Read the interview here - girl power!

Daydream Gray in SF Magazine | Entryway Decor | Hygge & West

We've said it before, and we'll say it again. We love seeing our wallpaper in print! So, yes, we are all about this beautiful entryway in San Francisco Magazine that uses our Daydream (Gray) wallpaper for a showstopping first impression. The ladder up to a writer's studio? We'll take it!

SF Magazine Cover | Hygge & West

SF Magazine | Dining Room

The whole home is stunning. Design by Reagan Baker Designs; Images by Susanna Scott Photo.

Hygge & West Book in Minneapolis St Paul Magazine

And to add to the excitement, we've been equally happy to see our bookgetting some shout outs too! Minneapolis St Paul Magazine just featured an exclusive sneak peek from Hygge & West Home: Design for a Cozy Life of Julie Backer's farm house feature. We (and Aimee's pup, Margot) think it turned out great.

Minneapolis St Paul Magazine Cover

Hygge & West Home Design for a Cozy Life excerpt

Julie is basically a wallpaper addict, not unlike ourselves. For that reason, along with our dreams to also live in farm houses with lots of animals far away from city life, we had to include her and her lovely family in the book.

BookPage review of Hygge & West Home: Design for a Cozy Life

Last but not least, our book was selected as the TOP PICK in BookPage - hooray! We loved this review:

“Christiana Coop and Aimee Lagos have been friends and co-conspirators their entire lives, despite both women moving all around the U.S. over the years. That’s a sweet enough story on its own, but it gets much better. After both of them departed the law-firm life, they joined forces and formed their own wallpaper design company, Hygge & West, aiming to bring “an Americanized twist to the concept of hygge.” In Hygge & West Home: Design for a Cozy Life (Chronicle, $35, 240 pages, ISBN 9781452164328), Coop and Lagos showcase interiors by some of the crazy-creative folks they’ve brought into their orbit, focusing on how each individual gives visual voice to the concept of hygge. Among the interviewees are illustrator Julia Rothman and actor and comedian Ana Gasteyer. The homes featured here put the brand’s wallpaper to use in brilliant ways, but there is a wealth of inspiration to glean from if hygge is your thing. The sections are broken down by themes—nature, small spaces, family and charm—and each design boasts luscious splashes of color, texture and personal artifacts that are combined in a dazzling array.”


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Best of July Roundup

August 06, 2018

Otomi turquoise wallpaper | Emily Isabella | Hygge & West

From weekend BBQs to lazy days by the pool (or beach, or lake), it's no wonder that July always seems to fly by—that's what happens when you're having fun! And this month, the patterns you loved most from our Instagram feed reflected all that July fun we look forward to every summer, like this cheery Otomi (Turquoise) bathroom from @shaunaglenn (plus, you know we're suckers for #dogsandwallpaper!). For more of this bathroom and other gorgeous pattern-filled spaces, check out our Pattern Players interview with Shauna.

Mermaids Ocean wallpaper | Dinara Mirtalipova | Hygge & West

What's July for if not feeling like a kid again? This bold Mermaids (Ocean) kids room via @hannahcrowell has us yearning for our childhood summers. And those pink bunks? Amazing!

Aja Periwinkle wallpaper | Justina Blakeney | Hygge & West

Speaking of bold, we've been absolutely drooling over @sgardnerstyle's pattern-drench laundry room. Those floors! Those Aja (Periwinkle) walls and ceiling! Talk about Jungalow style (major heart eyes!).

Dog Park Blue wallpaper | Julia Rothman | Hygge & West

But that wasn't the only wallpapered ceiling action we saw last month. This breathtaking lake home via @kristenhite brought Dog Park (Blue) to new heights—literally! We couldn't love this space more if we tried.

Daydream Cream wallpaper | Julia Rothman | Hygge & West

The patterned-fifth-wall action continued in this light and airy space by @hartandlockdesign, where Daydream (Cream) is perfectly paired with a feather chandelier. Swoon! (Check out our Pattern Players interview with Hart and Lock's Katie DeRario here).

Strike Navy wallpaper | Heath Ceramics | Hygge & West

Ceilings and walls weren't the only places to get a mega dose of pattern in July. Here, @sarabax gave her stair risers a facelift of Strike (Navy) to strike-ing effect (sorry, had to). 

Petal Pusher Gold wallpaper | Oh Joy! | Hygge & West

Powder baths are always a favorite place to up the fun factor, and what better way than with all-over pattern? In this small space, @destinationeichler went for the gold with floor-to-ceiling Petal Pusher (Gold)

Marine Tassels wallpaper | Laundry Studio | Hygge & West

The classic pairing of navy and white got a fresh twist in this modern-yet-timeless powder room by @alairhomes.saltlake. We love how Tassels (Marine) really pops against all that crisp white!

Knots Gray wallpaper | Terrence Payne | Hygge & West

This beautiful space by @tylerelizabethkaru is total laundry room goals! The juxtaposition of Knots (Gray) with that large-scale honeycomb tile and clean-lined Shaker-style cabinets is pure genius.

Tilton Fenwick wallpaper for Hygge & West

Last, but certainly not least, July marked the exciting launch of our brand new Tilton Fenwick collection! With five patterns in a variety of colorways, this entire collection was made to be mixed and matched to make your space truly your own. Thanks for an amazing collab, Anne and Suysel! (See how the ladies of Tilton Fenwick styled one of their new wallpapers in our Wallpaper Two Ways feature on the duo!)

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Bedding + 3: For a Playful and Dreamy Bedroom in NYC

August 01, 2018

Arabesque (Navy) Bedding + Pombal (Navy/Sky) | Hygge & West

I've just started working on some design plans for a little apartment in NYC (hereafter known as H&W east coast headquarters). Words can't express how excited I am about this situation, as I plan to spend as much time there as I possibly can. And, yes, also because this means new walls to paper! So far, I've nailed down four key elements. Our Arabesque (Navy) Bedding + 1) Pombal (Navy/Sky) wallpaper, 2) this beautiful spindle bed from Rejuvenation and 3) a showstopping ceramic Dreamweaver from MQuan Studio.

Arabesque Bedding in NYC apartment | Hygge & West

The bedding was a no brainer, so of course I brought it with me for Day 1.

Arabesque (Navy) Bedding | NYC small bedroom | Hygge & West

We finally got a mattress during the 2nd trip back, and I think it's going to look just perfect. We're going to do a very light coat of plaster over the brick and then paint it white. Add in said bed frame. Done! :)

I wanted to do Pombal in the bedroom. But after thinking about it more, here's where I landed: STATEMENT STAIRS. When all the walls are painted white, these are really going to pop. Even Joe is on board, so consider this project a go!

MQan Studio Visit | Hygge & West

I was lucky enough to visit MQuan Studio during my last trip there. It's so fascinating to see all the steps that go into creating such beautiful, handmade products.

It makes me appreciate them even more. And I cannot wait to get my very own Dreamweaver for the apartment. It's going to look stunning above the bed. Stay tuned...


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Product + Pattern: Michele Quan of MQuan Studio

July 31, 2018

Michele with her daughter, Elsie

One of the most fun parts of shooting a new collection is styling. Not only is it a thrill to see the patterns come to life in our fantasy spaces, but we also get to play around with the latest products and creations from our favorite brands and makers. While we're always on the hunt for something new and special, there are certainly those resources we return to time and time again because we love their aesthetic and quality—and MQuan Studio is definitely one our top go-tos when it comes to goods we want in our shoots and our homes.

MQuan Studio | Palma (Ebony) wallpaper | Lawson-Fenning | Hygge & West

A beautiful MQuan Studio vase paired with Palma (Ebony)

Originally from Vancouver and currently living with her husband, daughter, and dog in NYC, Michele Quan is the unstoppable talent behind MQuan Studio. Michele designs and sculpts her handmade ceramic art and objects for the home and garden, which then become a canvas for her love of drawing, painting, text, and color. Much of her work is rooted in the visual symbols of Eastern iconography and nature, and Michele's deft hand and careful eye have made many of these symbols synonymous with her work. We caught up with the artist to pick her brain about her ideal MQuan Studio + Hygge & West product and pattern pairing, what inspires her design process, and what hygge means to her.

Hygge & West: Tell us a little bit about your background and how MQuan Studio came to be.

Michele Quan: In the early 1990s I took a ceramics class at the 72nd Street Y in NYC and then in 2002, spent a year of Saturdays at Adrienne Yurick’s studio in Brooklyn making pinch pots. These classes were on either end of 12 years of jewelry making. Then, a couple of years later when my daughter was 14 months old, I took a class at Greenwich House Pottery that turned into two, then three, then four… and three years later I moved into my own studio in Brooklyn. And here I am.

H&W: Your work features a lot of symbolism, such as Eastern iconography, the eye, and nature and sky elements. What do these symbols mean to you and why is it important to include them in your work?

MQ: Many of the symbols that I am drawn to relate to the idea of connection, reverence, impermanence, and illusion (and the slaying of). The visual symbolism of Eastern iconography has long been a cornerstone of my work that I feel speaks to our universal experience of the world, to our selves, and to others. The sun and the moon are probably the oldest symbols there are, connecting us to time from the very beginning of the turning of the Earth with its moon around the sun to our present day! Mind-blowing, so beautiful, yet simple and direct. And we all still experience this turning daily; it’s both sacred and available to everyone.

H&W: How would you describe the MQuan Studio aesthetic? Other than the symbols mentioned above, what else inspires your work?

MQ: I think of my work as quite simple. Lines are sharp and edges are raw, but finished. I strive to work the clay but keep a freshness of hand to the surface. The shapes are not visually complicated and used as a canvas for images.

An iconic MQuan Sudio ceramic object in a tablescape with Sycamore (Cream)

Words spark my imagination. I have a long document of quotes, excerpts from books, poems, movies, interviews, and songs that have inspired me over the years. I love words and how they resonate and spark. A few that immediately come to mind are ‘Yes’ by Yoko Ono, ‘Live your life, live your life, live your life’ by Maurice Sendak, and the Zen Koan—‘The finger pointing at the moon is not the moon.'

H&W: Although you also create jewelry, t-shirts, and bags, you're most known for your inimitable clay work. What is it about this material that you're drawn to?

MQ: Clay is a very responsive material that lures you in. There is a visual and tactile beauty in each state of its transformation from wet to its completed fired form. Squishy malleable earth that can hold shape, then be fired to permanent stone. The process is seemingly simple in the beginning but then it becomes a puzzle in how to get it to do exactly what you want, when you want. It’s pretty spectacular.

H&W: What product and pattern pairing did you choose and why? What is it about this particular product and the pattern you've chosen that makes them work so well together?

MQ: I paired Palma (Ebony) with my Half the Sky (Large): New Eye White ceramic object. I love lines and the vibrations they create! This dark and subtle Lawson-Fenning wallpaper is like the deep night sky with my half sky painted with the Eye which gleams with a glazed full moon disc.

H&W: Hygge is about finding comfort in life's smallest pleasures and simplest joys. What brings hygge to your everyday world?

MQ: Fluorescent pink tape, my ‘good knife,’ an organized studio, hosing down the floor, walking out of the studio to the birds chirping and the trees rustling, a good podcast, hugging my daughter, my wiggly dog, Sparrow, greeting me at the door, the smell of rice cooking, breathing :)

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Hang it Here: Soldo (Navy)

July 25, 2018

We are so excited to start using our new Tilton Fenwick collection! Here's just one of a million places it would look fab. I love the grays and blues in this gorgeous bathroom and this color scheme compliments Soldo (Navy) perfectly.

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Project Ideas For Our Seconds Wallpaper

July 23, 2018

Nana Pink wallpapered panels

Want to add more pattern to your life? Our "Seconds" wallpaper that's on sale right now would be the perfect way to do so at a very low price! But because these wallpapers do have some minor print flaws, we'd suggest using them in smaller spaces and for smaller projects (where having a perfect seam isn't important). We've rounded up some of our favorite projects from over the years to hopefully inspire some project ideas! Let's start with wallpaper panels which are always a good idea, like these Nana (Pink) panels via @terracottadesignbuild.

Closet wallpapered in Snow Gold

You can't argue with wallpapering a closet. This one via @lala_takes_pics in Snow (Gold) is gold medal level.

Childrens closet wallpapered in Petal Pusher Black

And don't forget wallpaper is for kids closets too! For example, this cute Petal Pusher (Black) closet via @alyssadkent is basically a fairy tale come true.

 Wallpapered stairs in Strike Navy | Hygge & West

Make a huge statement underfoot with wallpapered stairs like this stunning Strike (Navy) ones via @sarahbax!

Wallpapered headboard in Aja Teal | Hygge & West

The opportunities to wallpaper furniture are truly endless. We adore this headboard idea in our Aja (Teal) wallpaper designed by @apartmentf15.

Wallpapered dresser | Queen Anne Ebony | Ikea Hack | Hygge & West

And, this Ikea cabinet hack with our Queen Anne (Ebony) via @housebeautiful is so gorgeous.

Wallpapered side of drawers in Foret Charcaol | DIY | Hygge & West

Don't forget the sides of your drawers either! We absolutely love this idea via @dittybopbop. The Foret (Charcoal) pattern or any other small scale pattern would be perfect for this type of treatment.

Peonies Copper inside a cabinet | DIY | Hygge & West

Or the inside of a cabinet for that patterned surprise! This cabinet with our Peonies (Copper) via @rethinkdesignstudio is so fun.

Petal Pusher on the top of a cabinet | DIY | Hygge & West

The tops of furniture are also the perfect spot for some patterned treatment, like this lovely Petal Pusher (Gold) dresser via @houseenvyinteriors.

Nana Saffron wallpapered kitchen built in | Hygge & West

Built-ins are basically begging for wallpaper! We love this pop of Nana (Saffron) in @liznylon's kitchen.

Queen Anne Ebony wallpaper kitchen built in | Hygge & West

And some Queen Anne (Ebony) in my own kitchen :)

Pineapple Sorbet wallpaper in a kitchen cabinet | Hygge & West Or Pineapples (Sorbet) via @planning_pretty - so, so fresh!

Peonies Persimmon wallpaper inside a linen closet | DIY | Hygge & West

A linen closet full of Peonies (Persimmon)? Yes please, and thank you @heymaryelizabeth for the idea!

Cosmic Desert Ebony wallpapered door | DIY | Hygge & West

Don't forget your front door! We chose Cosmic Desert (Ebony) for a magical exit.

Wallpaper magazine holders | DIY | Hygge & West

And for those extra small projects... think 1) magazine holders,

Peonies Yellow Tray DIY

2) trays (Peonies wallpaper) and

Circular frames with wallpaper scraps

3) frames! (via @anaveradesign)

Wallpapered Winnebago in Daydream Green and Diamante Turquoise

Last, but certainly not least, take your wallpaper on the road, camper style! (via @addisonswonderland)



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Pattern Players: Shauna Glenn

July 23, 2018

Photo by Jen Morley

There's just something about a home bursting with color, pattern, and personality that gets us going. While we love a classic neutral interior, we just can't tear our eyes away from the homes that give us everything and then some, and the designers who aren't afraid to totally go there. One such designer is Fort Worth, Texas, designer Shauna Glenn of Shauna Glenn Design

A writer-turned-interior-designer, Shauna came to the home industry because of her incredible passion for interiors. She doesn't know the rules, and so she doesn't have to follow them—and her work is a joyful reflection of that fearless confidence to go big, bold, and brave. With her self-described "contemporary meets your grandma's attic" aesthetic, Shauna isn't afraid to mix patterns and styles to create spaces that are wholly one-of-a-kind. Keep scrolling to learn more about Shauna's design approach, see the many ways she's used H&W patterns, and discover her secret to being the most hygge hostess around.

Hygge & West: Tell us a little bit about your background and how it led you to become an interior designer.

Shauna Glenn: I'm a writer by trade, but have always been interested in interior design, styling, and entertaining. When I started my first website in 2007, I used it as a platform to share essays, tablescapes, entertaining ideas, and room design. After I felt like I'd written about everything I knew (ha!), I started doing room styling and went to work for an interior designer. I learned so much over those three years, but wanted to get into renovations and new construction. It's grown into a full-time career, and we just hired our fourth employee. We're already growing out of our studio space!

H&W: We love that you're a total rule-breaker when it comes to design—your style is as bold and fun as it is unpredictable. Tell us a little more about your design philosophy and aesthetic, as well as your favorite "rule" to break.

SG: A positive to not studying interior design in a traditional school setting is that it gives me the opportunity to break the rules—mostly because I don't know the rules. To me, your home should reflect your life, your family, your personality, and your history. That's why I encourage people to shop their homes and to use treasures you find on vacation. You'd be surprised what we find in people's cabinets.

H&W: What role does pattern play in your work? What are your tips and tricks for mixing multiple patterns in a single space?

SG: I am not afraid to mix patterns. Sometimes my philosophy is even "the more patterns the better," but not everyone can handle that, so I pare it down or edit based on my clients' needs and personalities. When mixing patterns, I'll choose a big pattern and then pepper in some smaller patterns, or vice versa. 

H&W: You've used many H&W patterns in your work, including a Tassels (Gold) bedroom, an Otomi (Turquoise) bathroom, an Andanza (Silver) living room, a Daydream (Blush) bedroom, a Petal Pusher (Dove) bathroom, a Slice (Blue) powder bath, and a Tassels (Marine) powder bath. What drew you to these patterns and what do you think they brought to the spaces in which you used them?

SG: I have used so many H&W patterns in my designs because they always seem to be just what the spaces needed. It's awesome to work with a company who has everything I need!

H&W: Wallpaper isn't just for walls! What's your favorite unexpected place or way to use wallpaper?

SG: I love using wallpaper on ceilings and on three-drawer chests. It's an unexpected feast for the eyes.

H&W: Hygge is a Danish concept that celebrates the coziness and comfort in life's smallest joys and simplest pleasures. How do you create hygge in your world?

SG: The way I create hygge in my world is by preparing charcuterie boards for guests. You would be surprised what a tray with cheese, fruit, olives, and crackers does for people. They're like, "Oh my god, this is the best thing ever!" It's simple, yet people freak. I create some really beautiful cheese boards with things I have in my fridge and pantry. I recommend everyone trying it one night. You'll feel very fancy.

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