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Garden Fridge


I spy a wallpapered fridge. What, what?


So... of the many things I dislike about my kitchen is that wine rack thing. I have a similar feeling about the fridge. That's why I thought it would be perfect to try a wallpaper tile experiment. Mostly because the chances of making this situation look worse were small, I thought.


I chose Garden in Cream because it happens to be one of my favorite patterns and because I thought the more neutral colorway would be pretty and not draw too much attention to the cheapo cream plastic sides where the fridge handle is. Above, are the first two tiles that I applied. I'd hoped to do a more detailed step by step, but kept forgetting to take pictures. So, pretty much, I just put them up following the instructions and then trimmed the space between the middle doors after because that seemed like the easiest way...


To finish the front, I then cut a strips from two more tiles slightly wider than what I needed to cover, matched up the seams and trimmed the side.


I totally lucked out in that the side of the fridge was pretty much the exact width of the wallpaper tiles. Yes, the floors are at the top of the list regarding what I don't like about my kitchen. After trimming the bottom, I used the remainder of one of the strips I had cut the thin section off for the top.


I also realized that beautiful photograph of clouds over my old neighborhood in Chicago, taken by my friend, fit perfectly to cover up that wooden grid thing. Bonus points!


So, there you have it. So easy, I almost don't deserve a cocktail :) And, the other good things is that they are removable and reusable. So, if I happen to hit the big time soon and move to a place with an amazing kitchen, I can just apply them to something else that's flat and in need of a little pattern love.

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