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Mix It Up: Pattern Pairings for Sweet Dreams

Orbit Gray bedding | Stardust Gray wallpaper | Charlotte Janvier | Hygge & West

What's the only thing that can improve a patterned space? More pattern, of course! As firm believers in the "more is more" mantra, we're always looking for places beyond just our walls to add more pattern. But pattern mixing isn't always easy or intuitive. So to help inspire your inner pattern mixologist, we've coupled up a few of our favorite pairings for stress free pattern mixing.

Wildflower White bedding | Charlotte Janvier | Daydream Indigo wallpaper | Julia Rothman | Hygge & West

This winning combo finds commonality in color—bright whites meet deep blues for an updated classic—while playing with different, but complementary scales. Here, Wildflower's delicate blooms create an ethereal landscape for Daydream's bold birds soaring above, setting the scene for nature-infused dreams. 

Bloom Taupe bedding | Emily Isabella | Pombal Coral wallpaper | Tilton Fenwick | Hygge & West

This unexpected pairing adds whimsy and refinement in equal measures, without sacrificing style. Both Bloom, with its subtle, yet graphic patterning, and Pombal, with its multicultural flair, have similar lines and shapes that simultaneously contrast and connect these two gorgeous designs.

Andanza Rose bedding | Pajarito Blush wallpaper | Laundry Studio | Hygge & West

While the blush color found in both of these patterns is the most obvious similarity, there's actually a stronger tie between the two upon closer inspection. The same stipple effect found in elegant Andanza seems to be extracted and carried into the birds in Pajarito... and to dazzling results. Airy and refined, this duo nails it.

Orbit Gray kids bedding | Stardust Gray wallpaper | Charlotte Janvier | Hygge & West

When it comes to pattern mixing, we say start 'em young with our kids collection! Above, Orbit and Stardust play together like lifelong besties, bonding over color and theme, while using scale to create contrast. BONUS: Take Stardust up onto the ceiling to slumber under the stars (without the pesky bugs).

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